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10 things you ignored about Inbound Recruiting

Inbound Recruiting is an effective method for attracting and hiring top talent for an organization.

However, despite its popularity, there are still some aspects of Inbound Recruiting that are overlooked or ignored by many hiring professionals.

In this article, we'll cover 10 things you might have ignored about Inbound Recruiting and why they're important to consider.

1 - It's not just about job postings

While posting job openings on job boards and company websites is an important part of Inbound Recruiting, it's not the only way to attract top talent.

You should also consider other ways to build a strong online presence, such as creating a compelling careers website, showcasing your company culture, and highlighting employee testimonials.

2 - The candidate experience matters

Inbound Recruiting is all about attracting top talent, but it's also important to keep that talent interested and engaged throughout the hiring process.

This means providing a positive candidate experience, from the initial job application to the final job offer.

Candidate experience is essential in Inbound RecruitingCandidate experience is essential in Inbound Recruiting

3 - Social media is a powerful tool

Social media is a powerful tool for Inbound Recruiting, allowing you to reach a wider audience, engage with potential candidates, and build your brand. But you need to know how to use it effectively.

Make sure your company has a strong social media presence and that you're using it to showcase your company culture, share company news and events, and engage with potential candidates.

4 - It's a continuous process

Inbound Recruiting is not a one-time event, it's a continuous process that requires ongoing effort and attention.

This means regularly updating your job postings, creating new content for your careers website, and engaging with potential candidates on social media.

5 - Employee advocacy is key

Your employees are your best brand ambassadors, and they can play a huge role in Inbound Recruiting.

Encourage them to share job openings on their social media networks, write testimonials about working for your company, and participate in company events and initiatives.

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6 - Referral programs can be a game changer

Employee referrals can be a highly effective way to attract top talent, and a well-designed referral program can have a big impact on your Inbound Recruiting efforts.

Make sure your referral program is well-promoted, easy to use, and offers incentives for employees who refer top candidates.

7 - Data and analytics are important

Data and analytics play a crucial role in Inbound Recruiting, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your efforts and make informed decisions about where to focus your resources.

Track metrics such as website traffic, job application submissions, and social media engagement.

8 - Employer branding is crucial

Your employer brand can make or break your Inbound Recruiting efforts.

Make sure your company is presenting a positive and attractive image to potential candidates, and that you're highlighting what sets your company apart from others in your industry.

9 - Candidates want to know about your company culture

Company culture is one of the biggest factors in attracting and retaining top talent, so make sure you're showcasing it prominently on your careers website and on social media.

Highlight what makes your company unique, and share testimonials from employees about why they love working for your company.

10 - The competition is fierce

Inbound Recruiting is a highly competitive field, and you need to make sure you're doing everything you can to attract top talent.

Stay up-to-date on the latest trends (by following our blog for instance!) and best practices in Inbound Recruiting, and continuously evaluate and improve your efforts to stay ahead of the competition.


Inbound Recruiting is a complex and challenging process that requires ongoing effort and attention.

By keeping these 10 things in mind, you can ensure that you're attracting top talent and building a strong

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