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35 great content ideas to attract leads

Content delivery is at the heart of Inbound Marketing. By making content available to your visitors that interests them, you dramatically increase your chances of conversion.

Having previously created your buyer personas, you should normally have an idea of which offers will have a good chance of attracting your leads.

Isn't that the case? Rest assured, the Super Agency has a list of the best content to publish on your website at your disposal!

Offer eye-popping content!

Effectively attracting leads requires a clear vision of the types of content your target is looking for!

We've categorized these ideas for you into seven categories: blog, eBook, research, infographic, tool, promo and video.

1 - Blog posts: the essential

This is the primary tool in your Inbound Marketing approach. This is a space for expression more informal than the informational pages on your site. You can interact with your customers and prospects there. To be effective, you can blog on:

  1 - An event where you will soon be present such as a trade show or seminar.
  2 - An award, award or funding obtained by your company. You can then explain how this relates to your prospects (ISO certification, quality label, etc.)
  3 - The strong or emerging trends in your market, and how they impact your prospects.
  4 - The trends in your customers' markets, and how your product addresses the associated challenges.
  5 - The results of a study you conducted.
  6 - A relevant or original use of your product or service
  7 - anecdotes about you such as "The 10 things you didn't know about [your company]". This can be an opportunity to let your customers know about services or products they don't already know about.
  8 - A discovery or innovation specific to your market. Remember to mention the people behind it.

2 - The eBook: convenient and downloadable

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EBooks meet two needs: the visitor's need for quality content and your need for conversions.

In French, e-book translates to electronic book. It has gradually emerged as the most widely used content format in Inbound Marketing strategies.

Easy to design, it's available as a file to be read directly online or downloaded for later reading, on a tablet for example. Here are some ideas:

  9 - Make available a downloadable document of its product catalog. Make sure it is pleasant to read by adding illustrations or images.
  10- Produce a simple and concise summary sheet on the features and benefits of your products.

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  11 - Make an ebook about a specific need or problem that your prospects often encounter. You can then show how your product is a solution.
  12 - Create a practical guide to help with the buying decision (For example: how to choose your stereo system or what's the best phone subscription for me, etc. )
  13 - Propose a checklist to help your prospects in their buying process (For example: The 10 things to check when buying a computer online)
  14 - Write a fact sheet detailing some amazing (and interesting) but little-known statistics about your product or market.
  15 - Create a primer of terms frequently used in your industry or trade.
  16 - Publish a short how-to guide showing how to effectively use your product or service.

3 - Studies: numbers and analysis

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 A number can serve as a hook in an article, be the starting point for a study or become a selling point for your reader.

Internet users, especially in B2B, love studies and numerical analyses.

On the one hand, they provide an objective vision of a situation.

On the other hand, they can easily be leveraged in another study.

Your prospects will be thrilled to have your data for, say, their next meeting! Here are some ideas for studies to conduct:

  17 - Conduct a case study showing the extent to which your product increases productivity, reduces costs and/or waste, etc.
  18 - Conduct a quantitative and qualitative study on your market trends and salient needs.
  19 - Produce a summary document on the measurable impacts your product or service has for your prospects.
  20 - Present case studies illustrating how your products or services have led your current customers to tangible results.
  21 - Create a summary sheet showing the ROI of your products or services to your customers.

4 - The infographics: From graphics and charts

Sample Infographic on Innovation Managers
In addition to synthesizing information, visual content is more likely to be shared on social networks.

The term infographics is actually inexact. The true translation of the English word "infographics" is information graphics.

It is simply presenting information, often statistics, in the form of charts or histograms in an easy-to-read format.

This type of content has become very popular on the Internet in the last decade or so. Here are some examples of infographics you can offer your visitors:


  22 - Make a comparative chart of your product against one or more direct competitors (being as objective as possible)
  23 - Present a market trend, a process, notable facts, etc.
  24 - Present the structure of a market, its players and key figures

5 - Videos : Sound and emotion

"Call in the expert!"

With the increase in speeds offered by ISPs, and the technological evolution in terms of shooting, storage and broadcasting, video has become a highly prized content by Internet users.

It is a powerful tool that you absolutely must integrate into your content strategy. Here are some examples of videos to make:

  25 - Show your company's participation in notable events (trade shows, conferences, seminars) or a community event.
  26 - Create video customer testimonials. No need for complex professional editing, an HD camera and a few good questions are all you need.
  27 - Show how to use your product in video.

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  28 - Record a video of one of your salespeople answering the 5 questions they are most frequently asked about your product.
  29 - Make a video of your production process, focusing on the aspects that distinguish your product

6- Tools: A -knowledge and utility

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This section is not about Swiss Army knives

Providing a free online tool is a very nice offer, which can be a powerful conversion lever.

It's not about investing huge amounts of money but, using free or cheap tools to offer a real service to its prospects. Here are some examples:

  30 - Develop an ROI simulator so your prospects can determine the potential of your products or services
  31  - Schedule a webinar (webinar) on an emerging issue or common problem
  32 - Offer an online quiz and push an offer based on the answers

7 - Promotions : Use sparingly

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 Don't lose sight of your goals!

Promotional offers are most often used to get the prospect to convert without spending money -at first.

This technique should be used with care because your visitor should not feel like they are being tricked - which would defeat your entire Inbound Marketing strategy.

You can thus:

  33 - Offer a coupon or special offer to print from your blog.
  34 - Offer a no-cost audit of your prospect's site.
 - 35 - Give away a free sample or a discount on a future order.

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