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[Infographic] 5 steps to improve the authority of a website

Is your website authoritative? Out of pride, you'd probably be tempted to answer yes, but this question is already decided by Google!

The authority of your domain actually corresponds to the importance of your website in the eyes of search engines.

A strong authority allows you to get better positioning in search results.

For your Inbound Marketing strategy to be effective, then, it's essential to pay attention.

To better understand the mechanisms that affect a site's authority, Ludis Media has produced an infographic (found below) explaining this concept in 5 steps. 

1 -  On-site optimization

It's all about making your content easy to read for both users and search engines.

2 - The content

This is an indispensable parameter in an Inbound Marketing approach. It must be produced with quality, often and know how to promote it.

3 - Social Media

They are the most effective way to expose your content and through them, your website and your brand. 

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4 - Branding

Your branding has great importance for your site's authority. In particular, it is used to increase the number of backlinks.

5 - Relationship

By maintaining good relationships with the rest of the Web, you increase your chances of seeing your site's authority improve.

5 steps to improve the authority of a website



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