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[Infographic] 10 Employer Brand Numbers to Remember for 2020

The worst way to invest in your Employer Brand would be todo it because everyone is talking about it!

Understanding the impact in numbers of Employer Brand is essential to driving this type of project from a ROI perspective.

Here's a comprehensive infographic to help you better understand the real effects of doing background work on your visibility as an employer.

10 Figures on Employer Brand in 2019.

Employer branding numbers to remember in 2019! (source: LinkHumans)


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Employer branding numbers to remember!

  • Companies with a strong employer brand lower their hiring costs by 43%
  • 67% of candidates would accept a lower salary if the company has a good online image
  • 33% of French candidates say they would categorically refuse a job at a company with a poor reputation, regardless of the extra pay offered.
  • 14% of French employees feel aligned with their company's messages on a daily basis, while 6% say they are "absolutely out of step"
  • 83% of hires start with an online search for a company
  • 84% consider leaving their company for one with a better reputation
  • 88% of young employees believe it is critical to be in tune with the company culture
  • 72% of global recruiters agree that employer brand has a significant impact on their business
  • 79% of candidates under 35 use social networks in their job search
  • A strong employer brand increases the number of highly qualified applications by 50%

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