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How digital transformation will impact marketing in 2016

The TNS-Sofrès website has just published the results of a study conducted in July 2015 among 521 marketing managers working in France. 

This one offers insights into the impact of digital transformation on the marketing professions


Marketing has already evolved a lot...and it's not over yet!

Half of marketers believe their profession will undergo profound upheaval in the coming years.

Digital will be the main reason for these transformations. The TNS-Sofrès article tells us:

"Thus, for a majority of them, the main challenge in the future consists in a  better consideration of digital, mobility and its consequences in customer relations and communication   (63% of quotes), but also in  the development of marketing intelligence from data  (57%) and finally in customer knowledge and the ability to adapt the customer experience accordingly (56%). "

The next step will be digital transformation of the enterprise as a whole.

The company's internal functions will be affected as well as offering development.

The measurement of the performance of Marketing actions will also be strengthened. 71% of managers say they favor ROI indicators measuring the effect of marketing and communications actions on business transactions.

The B to B marketers are even more careful about performance indicators; a majority of them say they are not satisfied (56%).

The three challenges of digital for marketers:   Social networks - CRM - Data

Marketers are aware of the importance of social networks in their customer relationships and their loyalty process.

91% of them find them effective for their business but only 41% consider that they are properly integrated into their strategy. 

69% of respondents see data on their customers and/or prospects as a source of opportunity, especially for CRM and Social CRM (37% of responses).

The main problems in meeting these challenges would be the lack of a strategy (67%) and the difficulty of finding internal skills (82%).

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