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Content Marketing: a recognized R.O.I. but too little investment

If in the United States and in some European countries (Great Britain, Spain), Content Marketing has already established itself as the most effective approach on the Internet, it is not the same in France. Many digital marketing managers are hesitant to invest massively in this approach, despite increasingly frequent publications urging them to go in this direction. 

The company Activis, specializing in qualified traffic generation, has published an infographic presenting the results of a study conducted between April and June 2016 among marketing operational staff of major French companies.

It emerges that many of the respondents in France do not yet fully understand what Content Marketing is (1/3 of them confuse it with Brand Content), nor do they perceive the interest in making it a strategic priority (1/3 say they only allocate 10% of their budget to it). For comparison, 59% of American marketers say their content budget will exceed all other channels in 2017...

Paradox: Almost all respondents (86%) believe that content marketing is a performance lever, to which consumers are very receptive.


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Why are French companies taking so long to take the content marketing plunge?

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The infographic "Advertisers believe in the R.O.I. of Content Marketing" 


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