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What content to boost your employer brand?

As we saw in a previous article, we often find that the content on some sites sometimes lacks relevance, especially that posted on social networks to attract potential candidates.

Now,  let's determine what content works when you want to "boost" your employer-brand. 

Know how to talk to the target candidate about topics that interest them


The need to define a typical candidate (or persona)

To find out what topics will attract candidates, the most effective method is the so-called personas. By finely analyzing the habits of typical candidates, you can get a pretty good idea of what content will be interesting to them.

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The five rules of content

For form, there are 5 rules to follow to make your Content Marketing strategy as effective as possible 

  • Rule #1: consistency

We see too many career pages are " ghost ships " that is, pages that haven't been populated with fresh content in a long time. To make your content serve your employer brand, consider keeping regular posts as part of a real content strategy.

  • Rule #2: Diversity

Content can be produced in several formats : articles, video, quizzes, photos, infographics, applications, etc. For more effectiveness, consider varying your media.

  • Rule No. 3: the 'utility

To get your potential candidates interested in your company, offer them tips and focus on your different jobs. The more material you give them, the more relevant and motivated applicants you will get.

  • Rule #4: Segmentation

If your news is rich, consider segmenting your content according to your audiences. The content you offer will be more effective if it is targeted.

  • Rule #5: the sharing

We live in the age of social networks, and your candidates, if they are under 35, especially ! So you need to make your content easy to share with readable formats or by using gamification techniques to increase this type of action.  

Acquisition channels go beyond job boards 

Also consider diversifying your acquisition channels 

What mediums for your content ?

To build a consistent employer brand, it is almost essential to have a career page, or better yet, a career site.

Fed regularly, these spaces will feed your candidates fresh, relevant content. The goal of career-type media is conversion.

Your goal will be to gather information about potential candidates without them applying for a job.

Any content strategy is a long-term strategy

In this type of approach - the Inbound Recruiting  - you'll need to earn the trust of passive candidates, by engaging them in an active community on your career spaces.

Over time, a link will be created between your employer brand and the potential candidate, and not just when they are in an active application process.

In a second step, you'll need to move beyond the digital world to a real meeting, by inviting them to a trade show where you'll be present or to a sporting event, for example.

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Managerial involvement is key

The Inbound Recruiting, through the deployment of rich and diversified content it induces, requires budgeting and resources.

Your recruitment departments or your employer brand managers therefore have every interest in getting closer to the communication or web marketing departments that are used to - and have the means to - produce relevant content.

This requires a change in work habits and total managerial involvement.

Only then will the fruits of your employer brand efforts be reaped.

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