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Discover and exploit the Digital Body Language of your prospects!

Digital Body Language is the aggregate of all the digital activity you see from an individual.

Every email that is opened or clicked, every visit to your website, every form filled out, every Google search, every interaction on your social-media, and every webinar that is attended are all part of this digital body language that is unique to each prospect.

The origin of Digital Body Language

The recent breakthrough of marketing automation (or Marketing Automation) has enabled the online tracking of prospects and customers in a much more relevant way than Google Analytics ever imagined.

In the past, a salesperson at a point of sale could read a buyer's body language and react accordingly to offer their products and services. 

Digital Body Language allows you to better understand your prospects

Today, marketing and sales teams rely on platforms like HubSpot to better understand how their prospects are responding to their digital actions.

These platforms are integrated into their website and are designed specifically to read and track the digital body language of prospects.

They provide data that informs their buying process and give your teams a higher probability of closing sales. 

10 keys to defining Digital Body Language

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This visual allows you to identify at a glance the 10 aspects covered by the notion of Digital Body Language. 

Each of these keys is assigned a value, depending on the strategy in place, to enable profile exploitation.

What is the purpose of Digital Body Language?

Screenshot of the Hubspot platform's Workflow tool

As explained above, the main interest of analyzing the digital behavior of Internet users consists in setting up automated flows (workflows).

These are made up of actions which are individual functions such as:

  • Add a delay that defines a time between workflow actions.
  • Send an email to automatically contact registered contacts.
  • Set the contact property value as "Trial start date".

From a precise definition of a "digital gesture", a marketing specialist will therefore be able to qualitatively improve the definition of his lead before passing it on to the sales teams.

This is therefore work whose ROI can easily be calculated.

If you're interested in implementing this type of tool, with its formidable efficiency, we invite you to contact us directly for a free consultation!


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