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[Infographic] The shocking truth about the candidate experience

The candidate experience is the set of feelings, impressions and opinions generated by applying to a given company.

A positive candidate experience offers a non-negligible competitive advantage in the search for talent. 

Inversely, a negative candidate experience can leave traumatic after-effects that will stay with applicants forever!

In honor of Halloween, here are 5 spine-chilling candidate experience facts:

The chilling truth about the candidate experience


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  • 73% of candidates consider the job search to be one of the most stressful experiences in life;  
  • 28% of applicants feel that the application process is frustrating and takes too long;
  • 35% of employers do not take the time to communicate with their talent pool;  
  • 60% of candidates have already had a negative candidate experience;
  • 72% of these candidates shared their bad experience online or with their friends.

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