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How an HR Tech's growth jumped with Inbound Marketing

A few weeks ago, we analyzed the results of a successful inbound recruiting campaign with the example of Aclipse.

Now let's take a look at the remarkable track record of lead generation achieved by recruitment software company Firefish, thanks to Inbound Marketing and Hubspot

About the company

Firefish technology supports part of the functions of three recruitment jobs secretary, personal assistant and marketer.

This SaaS reminds you of the day's appointments, suggests candidate profiles for your open positions, integrates your content with social network platforms and measures the activity of your career site.

In short, it allows you to equip yourself with a machine to boost your career-site, a platform for your social recruiting and an ATS as well as other tools to build an operative recruiting team.

Firefish software offers an innovative and powerful solution for recruiters

What is Firefish's digital issue?

Initially Firefish was using several digital marketing techniques (keyword buying, banners, etc) without a real overall plan which didn't allow them to determine which tactic was really performing.

Another unpleasant aspect of this empirical approach was that the cost of acquiring leads and customers remained very high. Added to that was the fierce competition in the professional recruitment software space.

Inbound Recruiting ROI Calculator

Firefish therefore needed to differentiate itself without significantly increasing its budget. How did they do it and what were the results?

Spectacular performance on 3 KPIs!

Hubspot published the impressive results achieved by the company after a year and a half of using their platform. 

After a year and a half of use, the results are clear

The results seen far exceeded the goals the company had set for itself. Not only did organic traffic increase fourfold, much of it from social networks, but conversion was also on point.

Here's a testimonial from its president, Wendy McDougall: 

" Many companies are not ready to invest in digital marketing because they can't find a simple way to measure its ROI. Things have changed thanks to Hubspot. Executives can now make the decision to embark on Inbound Marketing with confidence because they find concrete benefits." Wendy McDougall, CEO, Firefish

What was the situation before the implementation of Inbound Marketing?

      • Firefish was using a large variety of marketing techniques but the cost of acquisition was far too high for their budget and for a company of this size.
      • Firefish was facing increasingly tough competition from larger, more well-known companies. The company needed to be able to measure the effectiveness of its tactics and better target its potential customers.
      • Firefish was using different marketing programs without knowing which ones worked best. It was impossible to accurately measure which program and ROI was most favorable.

Call-to-action ebook visibilité Internet

Why has inbound marketing worked so well?

  • Firefish used Hubspot's tracking tools to get a global view of their actions and those of the competition and then identified the strengths and weaknesses of each. With this data, Firefish was able to target their marketing activities around their buyer personas, grow their market and be able to compete.
  • With lead generation and interpretation tools, Firefish was able to reveal detailed information for each prospect, identify the topics they were interested in and determine their place in the buying cycle. As a result, marketing teams were able to identify leads that were ripe for direct contact with sales teams and leads that still needed attention (nurturing).
  • Firefish used Hubspot's blogging tools to increase traffic to its website. By attracting the attention of potential prospects and offering value-added content to its existing customers, Firefish increased its traffic by 364%. The blogging tool made it easy to manage posts and measure the traffic generated by each article. Firefish saved a lot of time thanks to measurement tools concentrated on a single platform (site traffic, social networks, conversion rates, etc.). Marketing teams were able to improve their productivity. 

These impressive results are actually in line with the average results achieved through Inbound Marketing with Hubspot as shown in this chart from the latest Hubspot ROI 2016 report.

Inbound Marketing and Hubspot are delivering great results


The conclusion of this case study of an HR Tech that used Inbound Marketing is given by the Firefish team itself! 

" Without the Hubspot platform, we would have found lead qualification much more laborious, not knowing how to measure the quality of a lead. Thanks to Hubspot, we finally have a good idea of the maturity of a lead before the sales team even gets to it. This significantly improves productivity."

Are you also convinced for this approach? 


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