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The evolution of Grandes Ecoles recruitment

I discovered Nicole Dorskind, managing director of U.S. agency ThirtyThree, while reading a brilliant article published in late 2017 in Forbes, titled "Five Ways To Rethink Campus Recruitment".

In particular, she describes the exact process of Inbound Recruiting - without naming it - for Grandes Ecoles, through 5 essential steps:

1 - The ability of schools to invest social networks

2 - The articulation of the attraction message around a content strategy

3 - The creation of a virtual commitment of the student to the school

4 - Working on the notion of experience 

5 - Maintaining a constant link between the school and the student, particularly through Marketing Automation.

Nicole Dorskind shares her vision for how Campus Recruitment will evolve in the short and medium term in this 20-minute podcast.

You can listen to his interview (in English) by clicking directly on this banner.

In this podcast, you will learn, among other things

  • What the "campus recruitment is and how it has changed over the years
  • Why this type of recruiting needs to target candidates early, starting in high school
  • What role does social networking play in this strategy
  • How to "get inside the head" of students to understand their ambitions and aspirations
  • How to build a talent pipeline (not just a pool)
  • How to effectively articulate an online and offline presence to connect with students
  • How to measure the ROI of Campus Recruitment efforts
  • Success stories from Ernst&Young and Dell

Most of these topics can be found in our free white paper "Inbound Marketing for Higher Education."

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