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The AARRR framework adapted to Inbound Recruiting

Want to attract talent? Shout out AARRR!!

This shout, or rather the acronym it stands for, will bring you right into the world of growth hackers, also known as growth hackers.  

The goal? Turn your career site into a real candidate magnet

How to make a work of AARRR?

Ten years ago, serial entrepreneur Dave Mc Lure, considered one of the popes of Silicon Valley, published a framework (framework) for optimizing the growth and development of startups.

It is both an action plan, a dashboard and tracking indicators (KPI) to quickly focus the attention of early customers (early adopters). 

To put it another way, AARRR is a guide to dating

The analogy with the love relationship is actually very strong in this approach as we will see in its five key steps:

A  as in acquisition : This is the moment you trigger the user's crush

A for activation: This is the first appointment. You only have a few seconds to persuade your target to go with you.

R is for retention : This is the stage where your user hesitates, you must not rush them but do everything to make them stay.

R is for "Referral" : You were able to be convincing in the previous step and your user will speak highly of you around them.

R is for Revenue : CThat's it, you've made it and you can make a profit from your relationship. Be careful, however, that your value proposition matches your promises!


Get your employer brand out there!

How does this apply to the world of recruitment?

You have to give credit where credit is due: the idea of aligning AARRR metrics with recruiting goes back to Laurent Brouat, of LinkHumans.

During an off-the-cuff exchange, it became quite clear to us that  inbound recruiting, on which the Super Agency has been a leader in France for nearly two years, is akin to an application of the AARRR framework to recruitment.

Formation IA et Recrutement

CQFD, once again, the world of Marketing and the world of Recruiting were coming together for the better!

This time, as LinkHumans says, "the main concept is to attract the right people to yourself, not to go out and get them (unlike outbound)."

So together we put together this infographic that breaks down in detail how AARRR metrics can significantly improve sourcing and recruitment.

AARRR appliqué à l'Inbound Recruiting

If you're interested in this approach, I invite you to check out our checklist on Inbound Recruiting, where you'll find the practical application of these different steps.

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