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[Infographic] Advertisers believe in the ROI of content marketing

Is Content Marketing a successful approach? Advertisers seem to think so.

According to a study conducted by Activis / ADLPerformance with a hundred directors and digital marketing managers from major companies, they are even largely convinced of the ROI of Content Marketing.

It appears that 86% of them consider Content Marketing to be a real performance lever.

Furthermore, 96% of them consider Internet users to be more receptive and more determined to buy products or services from a brand that produces personalized content!

"There's no longer any room for doubt: Content Marketing is now unanimously considered effective." (Jayson DeMers, founder of AudienceBloom)

When it comes to content marketing ROI, advertisers judge the effectiveness of formats in this order:

  • Videos (59%)
  • Testimonials and customer reviews (50%)
  • Articles (39%)
  • The blogs (33%)
  • Infographics (27%)

Investment is not keeping up

Despite this stark observation, budgets allocated to Content Marketing remain limited in France. 
36% of those surveyed saying they spend less than 10% of their total Marketing budget on it.

The gap with advertisers in the United States is striking: across the Atlantic, the share of content marketing budgets will reach 59% of all spending in 2017!

Here are the details of the study:



In conclusion, the will is definitely there, but the momentum is not accompanied by a real investment program.

Marketers, get started!


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