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[Infographic] Why Youtube is essential to your Content Marketing

The digital communication agency (based in Montpellier) JVWEB has produced an infographic on the incredible performance of Youtube and its growing success with brands. 

Advertisers have indeed increased their budget by more than 60% in 2015 on this social network.  Why such success?


When it comes to reaching a broad target audience, online video is unmatched. As shown in the infographic below, YouTube receives over one billion unique visitors per month, more than any other channel except Facebook.

Video content does indeed reach a large and diverse audience, better than any other form of content could do.

It took decades for television to gain respect as a medium with a strong commercial dimension. Youtube was only created in... 2005Call-to-action ebook 24 astuces

Or, not only does video bring messages to life in an animated and vivid way, but it is more easily memorable.

For example, 80% of Internet users remember the video ads they watch online and 46% say they have acted after seeing the ad

When you look at the amount of online content produced every day, these are statistics that are bound to interest marketing people!!

From then on it is necessary to integrate that Youtube is essential to your strategy of Content Marketing. Here are the figures:

The power of Youtube in an infographic!

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