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Inbound Marketing is a love story with a happy ending (usually)

Ahhh love! A powerful, positive, shared feeling that triggers the desire to make all kinds of little gifts.

Here's something really wonderful...for doing Marketing!

So, while Valentine's Day undeniably has distant historical origins, the celebration of the lovers' holiday in its commercial form dates from the 1980s.

Companies then got into the habit of launching marketing (outbound) campaigns specifically for February 14. 

What about inbound marketing? If you think about it, it is less a way to promote your products or services using the argument of love than a allegory of love itself!

Love is indeed a relationship based on trust, honesty and truth. It must be cultivated and maintained in order to endure and grow.

Inbound marketing is in a way the way to approach the relationship with the Internet user on the same basis.

It aims to build strong and lasting relationships - adult in a way. 


Everything begins with a first moment, where everything starts: The meeting.

To make this unique moment happen, you have to create momentum, a frozen moment in time where the other (hear your site visitor) stops on your brand, wonders, questions "here, he/she is not bad that one!!!".

And that's okay because you'll have posted something that specifically interests him. You have that knowledge because you've worked on his profile, his buyer persona!

50 shades of leads

What about love at first sight? Does it also exist in Inbound Marketing?

In Inbound Marketing, this will be through a blog article, infographic or video that has piqued the interest of your lead.

He will have real consideration for, and even attraction to you but will be not yet ready to commit, you will need to convert him!

The 4 steps of Inbound Marketing

Attract, convert, close and retain. When we tell you that Inbound Marketing is all about love!

Once you've taken that first step, you'll need to make a date for a romantic dinner, what we call in our lingo the MOFU (middle of the funnel).

This is a decisive moment because this is where your prospect will really find out what you are capable of.

You'll need to pull out all the stops i.e., in Inbound Marketing terms, come up with an offer that definitely seals your lead's interest.

A decisive moment

It's done! You've got your lead's phone number, they're seduced and they know you're going to call them. Why wait? Take action, it's time to close!


Stop!!! Not so fast!

Are you sure your lead REALLY wants your services/products or is he (still) testing you

Yes, love, like Inbound Marketing, is really a matter of patience.

How do you know if your lead is ready?

No way to tell. You'll have to continue to give proof of love...well interest to your darling lead !

To do this, you'll need to continually nurture that budding love, in other words, do some lead nurturing.

This final phase is called the BOFU (bottom of the funnel), which is when your lead finally makes their decision.

After a while, your lead will have fully measured all the interest you have in them, will look favorably on what you have to offer and will be ready to jump in with you. 

And it will be a YES!!! (well, we hope you do!)

And you'll live happily ever after and get lots of leads. Well done!

In the entire process of Inbound Marketing, it is described that whoever you seduce will be so excited that he or she will tell others about you so that others will also form an idyll with you.

This is probably where the metaphor ends!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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