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LinkedIn: how much does your profile "weigh" for Social Recruiting?

Do you know your Social Selling Index (SSI)?

If you haven't already, just go to this page!

The Social Selling Index allows you to measure your level of sales influence on LinkedIn. Its score ranges from 0 to 100, and is based on 4 criteria (each scored out of 25):

1) Your presence online/professional brand
2) Your ability to find the right people
3) Your ability to engage with relevant content
4) Your ability to develop your network

As an example, my SSI is 71% . I am ranked in the Top 1% of my industry and in the Top 11% of my contact network.

SSI Example on Linkedin 

So I know that in my industry the SSI averages 26%, and in my contact network the average is 50%.

SSI Comparison on Linkedin

Note, this is of little use to me as I (and in general, The Super Agency) practice very little Social Selling, much preferring to lean on our efforts in Inbound Marketing!

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Nevertheless, I find it useful to know your "weight" on LinkedIn and especially when you are a recruiter.

In fact, LinkedIn has now established itself as the main professional social network. Essential for the development of one's network, it allows one to increase one's visibility and find certain rare pearls in the context of a recruitment. And for good reason, 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn first in their candidate search.

Several key figures illustrate the effectiveness and increasing use of LinkedIn in recruitment.

  • 79% of recruiters have recruited candidates on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn is judged by 64% of French people as the best channel for consolidating one's employer brand (2nd place after the career site)
  • More than 20 million companies are represented by their employees on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn drives more traffic to blogs and B2B sites than any other social network. As an example, 58% of The Super Agency's organic social traffic comes from Linkedin.

The SSI tool is particularly well-suited to social recruiting. It allows you to measure your ability to communicate about your employer brand, to share relevant information for candidates, and to target your future employees/future recruits.

How can you improve your Social Recruiting Index?

Your SSI can be improved through several actions.

  • Your profile must contain essential information to position and stand out on this social network of more than 546 million users including 15 million in France. Your profile photo, title, summary and experience should be highlighted and fully completed to provide maximum information to candidates.
  • In order to make your profile attractive, don't hesitate to add some interactive content such as videos, photos or anything else that could illustrate your background in an attractive way. For example, you can share your company's story and values, on SlideShare, like this presentation I did a while back on Inbound Marketing explained by Star Wars.
  • In order to improve your visibility, you must have one priority in mind: share your content. Publish quality information that is relevant to your target candidates, to position yourself as an expert who is in tune with industry trends.
  • List your skills in your profile to establish your expert profile, but also collect recommendations from your colleagues. This will increase your credibility with the candidates you contact.
  • To find the right people and therefore the right candidates, don't hesitate to expand your network through consistent contact requests (don't forget to introduce yourself when you ask! ). This way when you are researching, you will be able to reach out to 2nd level connections, for potential matchmaking.
  • When you contact someone, personalize as much as possible your message with the information you will have picked up on their profile. This allows you to be relevant from the first exchange, and to be sure you are addressing the right person.
  • When you're looking for potential candidates, you can join LinkedIn groups and save candidates whose possible development interests you.
  • Finding the right people also means being on the lookout for who found you. You can then leverage the "Who viewed your profile?" module to start a dialogue with relevant profiles. The hunted hunter in a way!

The exchange of content allows you to naturally connect with candidates. It's one of the core principles of Inbound Recruiting.

The candidates you target may be concerned by your shares, or even react to them, thus providing a relevant touchpoint with them.

Publish content for your Inbound RecruitingRecruiters who publish 20 times a month, on average, reach 60% of their subscribers with one or more updates!

It's a fact: an expanded network will help the search for new candidates, by facilitating your access to future employees. You can easily be introduced or recommended by your network to future nuggets in your industry.
Keep in mind that all of these relationships need to be lasting. Nurture them so that when the time is right, introductions are made naturally. This way you can check in regularly, exchange on what's going on in your industry, or even propose innovative solutions.

Doesn't that sound familiar?

Yes, LinkedIn is an essential lever for Inbound Recruiting actions!

This strategy, drawn from a marketing approach, allows you to improve your visibility with candidates through relevant and attractive content.

Note that in Q2 2019, LinkedIn will launch an ATS: the "LinkedIn Talent Hub," a single solution that can manage the entire recruiting process for you.

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Give you all the keys to successful recruiting on LinkedIn!

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