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9 problems of an employer brand manager (and their solutions)

As we regularly speak with employer-branding leaders, we often witness some of the difficulties they face in implementing it within their companies.

We've chosen to address nine of their most common issues.

1 - "My company is not known enough"

The finding : My company's visibility is quite low, especially on the Internet.
The solution : Launch a company blog on your career space. Increase audience recognition through social platforms and targeted messaging to your candidate personas. Even the smallest companies have an employer brand.

2 - "I don't know where to start"

The observation : Everyone around me is talking about employer branding but I don't understand what exactly it is.
The solution : Listen, observe and talk to fellow industry peers outside your company. If you're in a hurry, call in a specialist. And if it makes you feel any better, know that 50 % of recruiters don't understand anything at all about their own employer branding !

Employer Brand Managers, Don't Stand on the Side of the Road!

3 - I can't convince my management, who are even cynical

The finding : My management wants results but doesn't believe in employer brand effectiveness.
The Solution: Understand where the rejection is coming from, tie your goals to the bottom line and build credibility step by step. Some arguments:
- You'll spend less on hiring reducing your costs by up to 50%.
- You'll strengthen employee retention reducing turnover by up to 28%.
- You'll set the tone of the conversation, preventing others from doing it for you.

50% of candidates would turn down a job with a company that has a poor employer brand

You can also show this visual to your management!

New call-to-action

4 - My message sounds too much like the competition

The realization : I'm not the only one in my industry working on employer branding. I'm afraid I'm doing the same thing they're doing to attract the same profiles
The solution : Take a closer look at your strengths to find new angles, and embark on a search for extraordinary employee testimonials as part of a true Inbound Recruiting strategy, centered on your values and the interests of your personas.

New Call-to-action

5 - I'm not sure my efforts are having any impact

The bottom line : Employer branding seems to me to be a fuzzy concept. I'm afraid my efforts will be for naught.
The solution : Define your goals up front and quantify your efforts against them. Numerous studies, like this one published by Glassdoor, show the impact of having a strong employer brand on the quality and quantity of candidates who apply.

The impacts of a strong employer brand

6 - I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task

The finding : Such a large job ! I don't think I can synthesize the company's values on my own.
The solution : Partner with the marketing and communication. Ask them for advice, bring in ideas and offer to share ownership. Engage the services of a specialized agency.

7 - I don't know how to turn my employees into employer brand ambassadors

The finding : I don't have the necessary managerial levers to ask employees to engage with my company's employer brand.
The solution : Tap into your most fervent champions first, teach them the basic rules of employer branding and offer them incentives to further motivate them.

8 - I don't know if my employer brand needs an update

The finding : My employer brand may be outdated, but I don't know how to determine that.
The solution : take a close look at the feedback you collect: you'll be able to measure your Talent Brand, i.e., the perceived image on the part of both candidates and employees. You'll draw the appropriate conclusions, then track any changes in the company's core objectives.

9 - My international company has employees from multiple countries and cultures

The finding : I'm in charge of employer branding at a company with geographically diverse profiles.
The solution : Prioritize your audiences and test your messages to ensure they resonate with the identified groups.


Are you an employer brand manager facing other challenges? Tell us in the comments!

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