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[Infographic] How good are you at digital marketing?

It's not enough to want to do Digital Marketing, you have to do it right.

To meet growing consumer demands, you'll need to create, coordinate, measure and adapt a range of experiences and interactions across all touchpoints.

In other words, you'll need to meet your leads where they spend most of their time: on the Internet. In fact, they even expect to find you there! If they don't see you there, you could lose their trust more or less consciously.

According to Edelman Insight, 65% of people consider online searches to be the most trusted source of information about people and companies. No other communication channel provides this level of trust.

So where do you stand in terms of Digital Marketing? Do you think you're close to excellence, with well-honed processes and trained, committed teams, or pretty close to nothing?

To find out, read this infographic carefully! (click to enlarge the visual)

What is your level of excellence in Digital Marketing?

What is your level of Digital Marketing Excellence? (source Smart Insights)

Digital Marketing Excellence Level 1: Basic

Digital Marketing? What is it?

You're not following any strategy and therefore have no defined KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) to track your performance improvement. In fact, tracking metrics is even far from your daily concerns!

You have no dedicated digital skills and your customer database is limited or even non-existent... and at best managed on an Excel file.

In fact, your management does not seem motivated to change this.

Consequence: since you don't analyze your customers' characteristics you can't adapt your customer communication strategy to integrate it into your overall strategy. Your digital space is limited to a static website, mostly used to get your phone number.

Digital Marketing Excellence Level 2: Supervised

Digital Marketing? Yes, I know...a little!"

Your company follows an overall plan that includes priority Marketing activities. The KPIs that have been defined are thus only based on quantitative data (traffic, number of leads generated, etc).

Management supports you verbally, but the resources they make available to you are insufficient to develop your digital capabilities.

Despite this, you have some basic skills that are in-house or outsourced. In fact, you are starting to use a separate Marketing technology to manage customer data and your core promotional activities are synchronized.


Consequence: the experience on desktop and mobile that you offer your customers is not personalized but you have functional landing pages.

Digital Marketing Excellence Level 3: Defined

Digital Marketing? We are beginning our digital transformation!

Your vision and strategy are defined to optimize your digital transformation. That's why you chose quality-based KPIs.

The conversions detected on your site are attributed to the last click made on a Marketing lever used to promote your site. By the way, you track these behaviors through your Business Dashboard.

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To help you develop your digital capabilities, management calls on sponsors and invests in digital transformation. Therefore, resources are dedicated to it.

Thanks to this, the customer data is qualitatively controlled and partially used.

When it comes to customer communication, you've opted for an Inbound approach with an evaluation of their last-click behaviors.

As a result, the experience on desktop and mobile you offer your customers is partially personalized.

Excellence Digital Marketing Level 4: Quantified

Digital Marketing? We have implemented a clear strategy!

Your strategy is perfectly aligned with the organization and resources. Your KPIs are thus value-based and conversion attribution is weighted. Ad hoc and CRO tests are performed to optimize the conversion rate of your site pages.

Your management is convinced of the benefits of Digital Marketing. That's why it is promoting it and making adapted investments.

Skills are decentralized and disseminated to the entire organization.

An integrated system is used to manage customer data allowing a 360° view of data sources from Marketing technologies (Martech), including through an integrated tool such as Hubspot.

Your customer communications strategy is integrated with your overall strategy and personalized. On top of that, you have a paid, owned and earned media strategy in place.

Consequence: the experience your customers have on desktop, mobile, email and social media is personalized. Content tailored to their behaviors and characteristics is offered to them (smart content).

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Excellence Digital Marketing Level 5: Optimized

Digital Marketing? It's the company's DNA!

Your company follows an agile strategy: transparent, progressive, accessible to all, and based on continuous experimentation and adaptation.

The defined KPIs are based on data with timeless value. A structured experience program has in fact been put in place.

It follows:

  • A total integration of digital in the development of the overall strategy;
  • A perfect alignment with impacted structures (sales, customer success, etc.).

To manage your customer data, you use the latest innovations (e.g. using AI and Machine Learning). This allows you to optimize your ROI on media.

As a result, the experience and recommendations you offer your customers are completely personalized and contextualized across all channels.

So, are you one of the 12% of companies that know nothing about Digital Marketing or the 8% that have mastered the art?

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