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What are the tools of content curation?

We've seen in previous articles the value of working on content curation, especially as part of a Inbound Marketing approach. 

Let's now see what content curation tools will allow you to select, edit and share the most relevant content for your Buyer Personas

Feedly: the most well-known

In the world of content curation, Feedly is considered a must-have. 

Feedly quickly allows you the best of blogs

Feedly is a highly effective RSS feed aggregator that allows you to subscribe to the best blogs in your industry to select the best publications.

The site even offers, next to each publication, a number indicating the degree of popularity of each publication on social networks. Feedly comes in an app for tablets and mobiles of very good quality. You can even get your news on iWatch!

Google Alert: the simplest 

We sometimes tend to forget this, but Google News indexes a huge number of publications on absolutely every topic.

Google Alert is the easiest curation tool to use

To get a regular report, all you need is a Gmail account and then go to Google Alert. Then, enter the keywords you're interested in in the "Create an alert from..." field and you're done!

Scoop.it: the best equipped

This content curation tool, created in 2010 by Frenchmen Guillaume Decugis and Marc Rougier, has long been the most visited site of its kind, with 6 million unique visitors per month in 2011. 

Scoop.it is multifunctional: curation, sharing tool, bookmarking, etc.

Although slightly down, it still remains adequate for organizing your own watch. After selecting your profile, you can save the content you want to receive.

Scoop.it allows you to share content directly on social networks and also offers a bookmarking tool that you can use on any site.

However, the free version shows its limitations rather quickly, especially when it comes to renewing information sources.

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Pearltrees: the most educational

Another French creation! This service, created and managed by Patrice Lamothe, allows to explore and share a large number of digital contents (articles, pages, photos, files or personal notes).

Pearltrees allows organizing favorites as 'pearl trees'

Pearltrees is popular among teachers, who use it to organize and share their pages with their students. It is a great tool for making educational resources available.

Besides, Pearltrees allows teachers to use their ad-free version for free.

This service is also popular with bloggers and tech fans.

Paper.li: the most convenient


Paper.li is one of the most effective free online tools for curation


Pinterest : the most Social Media

Pinterest is a curation tool made in the US that merges the concepts of social networking and sharing of content (mostly photographic).

Pinterest is a curation tool and a social network


Pinterest offers another way to collect and organize content online that is reminiscent of free-access visual bookmarking, with social networking features. It can be seen as a kind of curation dashboard, as a catalog to showcase your products or drive traffic to your site and/or blog.

Flipboard : the most beautiful

Flipboard is ideal for curating with a smartphone or touch tablet. This tool is quite easy to use and enjoys an optimized ergonomics, inspired by magazine interfaces.

Flipboard probably offers the most beautiful user interface

Since March 2014 and Flipboard's acquisition of Zite, content filtering has been significantly improved. The comfort and relevance of readings are now of very high quality.

Hubspot: the most "Inbound"

Hubspot is a true Swiss Army knife. In addition to its blogging, emailing, landing page creation, forms, marketing automation and CRM features (and I'm forgetting), it's also another very effective tool for curating content !

Hubspot's curation tool lets you monitor information on Twitter


In addition to allowing you to schedule your posts across all social networks, it also offers content suggestions related to your previous shares.


Whether you're short on time to create your own content or want to grow your reader base by sharing information your fans like, curation is a very effective piece of content strategy !

If you use another curation tool that you'd like to introduce to us, feel free to let us know in the comments.


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