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Why Inbound Recruiting is really more profitable

All the startups that have really taken off have one thing in common: the quality of their teams. 

To win over top talent to you, you need to build a Inbound Recruiting strategy that knows how to both attract them, entice them, and keep their interest over time. 

The goal of inbound recruiting is to gather around your employer-branding targeted talent who share the same values, vision, and goals as your company.

Only after being able to assess the possible synergy, will the candidate consider applying. Creating great Inbound Recruiting content is the most effective way to ensure consistency in applications.

Inbound Recruiting thus allows you to attract the best profiles, but also offers serious financial benefits.

Inbound Recruiting is a more cost-effective way to attract candidates

More specifically, the gains of Inbound Recruiting can be measured on three levels: 

1 - Reduce talent acquisition costs

Rather than spending money on randomly effective ads to attract new candidates, you can continuously share content with your target audience.

This way, you show them who you are, what you believe in and how you help your
employees, or even your current customers or shareholders achieve their goals. In this way, you build a talent pipeline before they even apply for an open position.

This significantly reduces your external recruiting costs - such as recruitment agency fees, paid advertisements or trade show attendance.

Cit can even reduce your operating costs through more efficient results.

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By using Inbound Recruiting, you build a network of talent interested in
your company and ready to apply when the time is right.


As a result, when you're looking to hire new people, you
will be able to reach out to candidates who have shown interest in an immediate, efficient and cost-effective manner.

2 - Increase revenue with better performers

It is usually said that a great team with a mediocre idea will do better than a mediocre team with a great idea. That's right!"

That's why finding and attracting the right people to your company deserves special attention and effort.

When you succeed in bringing in the best people, revenue, innovation and productivity improve.

With their motivation, appetite for challenge and healthy competition, the entire company gains from bringing them in.

3 - Improve margin generated from digital activities

About 70% of candidates start their job search on Google.

So, when you offer quality content about employment, be sure to share that on your company's social media platforms and encourage your employees to relay it to their communities.

Use your company blog to showcase your employer brand and display your company culture so they are visible to everyone (potential customers, partners and investors).

Your online presence (or lack thereof) will directly affect the quality of your talent pipeline.

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Have you noticed any other gains when implementing Inbound Recruiting at your company?


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