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What does the 2016 annual digital report tell us? (Reissue 2020)

What are the uses of the Internet, social networks and mobile in the world?

As it does every year, the renowned digital agency We Are Social publishes a wide-ranging study on the uses of digital-related technologies.

You'll find detailed information on the number of Internet users per country, social network users or even the time spent by Internet users on the mobile Internet. What to remember?

A study on the uses of digital-related technologies

Excerpt from the annual study by the agency We Are Social

This data is very useful when you want to implement a digital strategy on a given geographical area (by country, by continent or even globally).

If you don't have time to read the 247 (!) pages of the study and are only interested in the data for France, La Super Agence offers this summary of hexagonal digital:

- 89% of French people, all age groups included, are connected to the Internet.

- 3 out of 5 French people are registered on at least one social network.

- All French people own a mobile (in number of unique users). That's 28% more than 4 years ago!

94% of French people own a cell phone, 91% a smartphone(vs. 62% in 2016), 83% a computer, 49% a touch tablet.

- Nearly three quarters (73%) of French have purchased something on the Internet the month the study was conducted.

- 82% of French people researched a product or service the month the study was conducted.Call-to-action ebook visibilité Internet

 - Between 2016 and 2020, the growth in the number of Internet users was 5%, and that of social network users was 20%.

- A French person spends an average of 3h09 per day on the Internet with a computer or tablet. We must add 1h59 minutes of connection via a mobile. In total this represents 55% more than the time spent in front of the television.


- Web pages are consulted at 53% on computers (73% in 2016), at 42.9% on mobiles and at 4% on tablets.

- YouTube is the most widely used social network (80% of French people) versus only 21% for Skype.

What interpretation do you make of this data? How will you use it in your digital strategy?

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