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10 examples of content to attract passive candidates

Setting up a system to get high-quality applications is no easy task.

Through Inbound Recruiting, however, it is possible to draw talent to your career site, and in particular, engage the so-called passive candidates.

How? First, by delivering quality content.

"Content is king!" proclaimed Bill Gates already 20 years ago. This famous phrase also applies to recruitment.
The whole point is to offer content that is rich enough and targeted enough (thanks to the Candidate Personas method) so that it will arouse real interest among passive candidates. 
Here are 10  examples of content to consider for blog posts on your career site, which will allow you to build a strong employer brand!

1 - Video, queen of attention

Today video is clearly the content that generates the most engagement. The cost of producing a quality video has dropped dramatically and has become accessible to anyone with a little creativity.
For example, the decorating company Zôdio has released a series of clips on Youtube to change the image of some of their services as here accounting: 
Thanks to filmed or animated content that provides real added value to your candidates, you will be able to attract them to your career site. 

2 - The white paper, a conversion classic

They've been around for a while now, but white papers have always been a very effective tool for providing important data to site visitors.
By gearing its content toward your Candidate Personas, you'll significantly increase your chances of them buying into your employer brand!
For example, our white paper on Inbound Recruiting, the first of its kind in France, is a big hit, including with candidates who want to join us!
Inbound Recruiting et IA générative

3 - Infographics, elegant and effective

At the Super Agency, we love infographics ! This oh-so-pleasant way of presenting a large amount of information through neat graphics has a huge impact on your conversions.
You can present numbers about your business so your candidates see at a glance that your company is dynamic or describe your recruitment process.
This short infographic, for example, simply describes the reality of the candidate experience in France. 
Candidate Experience Infographic

4 - The eBook, quick and easy to produce

More generalist than the white paper, the ebook is a key tool for converting candidates on your career-site.
Relatively simple to put together by grouping together, for example, several blog posts with a nice layout, it will allow your candidates to have a more pleasant (and transportable) reading medium of your written production.
It can also be a Checklist as in this example:
Cliquez pour télécharger la checklist Inbound Recruiting

5 - The expert report, relay of your professional credibility

You surely have studies or reports produced internally that, once redacted from sensitive information, can be solid sources of information for passive candidates, who are always fond of this type of content for their personal research.
By making them available, you are also promoting your expertise, which is a great engagement factor.

6 - Webinars, to be your own (multi)media

 Relatively easy to set up thanks to tools like Youtube Live or GoToMeeting, webinars allow a more humanized exchange with passive candidates.

The webinar is an effective tool for engaging passive candidates

Save some time at the end for a Q&A session, inviting participants to leave their emails for more information.

7 - Case studies, formidable for proving your expertise

Case studies are a great way to show your know-how while explaining to your future employees what they will have to do in real life at your company.
For example, by describing a client case, you can highlight the specific role your sales people or project managers played and thus showcase them.

8 - Candidate testimonials, the voice of authenticity

Candidates love to hear from other candidates. We see this in particular with the success of Glassdoor
If you have any favorable testimonials about this site, please feel free to put them forward. 

9 - Newsletters, easy and appreciated

Contrary to what you might think, newsletters are not relegated to the closet, far from it.
If a candidate subscribes to your newsletter, it gives you the opportunity to work on your relationship with them by implementing effective nurturing. Don't miss this chance!

10 - The mobile application, the ultimate offer

Of course, this type of offer has a certain cost (count between 12,500€ and 20,000€ for an iOs + Android application with identification) but in terms of commitment, you change dimension!
If you don't have this budget, you can make available to your candidates an online tool for example allowing you to calculate the specific salary for the type of job you are looking for. 
There is certainly more content to attract passive candidates to your career site.
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If you know of any through which you've been able to improve your candidate engagement, tell us in the comments!

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