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Content strategy: satisfy your audience with curation

You don't have time to create your own content ? That's not a problem!

Of course, it's ideal to have customized content that represents your business and your brand. But you can still generate traffic through content curation on social networks.

How to incorporate curation into your content strategy.

Let's start by understanding how this technique works and its benefits.

content curation is a cost-effective way to build an online presence

What is content curation ?

Curation consists of finding really good content in your industry (preferably not from the competition if you are a commercial company !) and sharing it with your readers. 

Concretely, the curator (who can be the community manager), acts in five steps 

  1. He defines his monitoring topic, according to his Buyer Persona.
  2. It retrieves sources automatically and/or manually
  3. It selects the content best suited to its objectives
  4. It editorializes the selected content
  5. He shares it on social networks or communicates it to relays such as brand ambassadors. 

To do a good content curation, you have to start from the 3S rule:

- Seek (search),

- Sense (make sense),

- Share (share).

This diagram explains the actions to be taken for each of these steps.

Content curation: the 3-S rule

By implementing this system, you will significantly increase your visibility on the Internet. To learn more techniques for improving this visibility, we invite you to download our free eBook.

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What are the benefits of content curation ?

Integrated into a structured Inbound Marketing approach, the use of content curation has many benefits:

- This is a cheaper solution than content creation. Nevertheless, you risk boring your audience if you only do curation. At some point, you need to produce quality content yourself

- This is a time-saving solution. You don't need any special skills to be a curator. A good community manager only needs a few hours to understand the mechanism. In addition, you save time to those who follow you on social networks, by "chewing up" their work. This time saving will be appreciated by your prospects.

- This is a simple solution to show your expertise. One of the fundamental elements of Inbound Marketing is to prove your expertise. By publishing content that is interesting to your audience, you indicate that you know the topics that matter. Be careful, however, not to publish articles you haven't read, based on the title alone. If the content is not good, you will lose the trust of readers.


Are you ready to get started with content curation?

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