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How to organize your content curation?

Well mastered and integrated into a digital marketing strategy, the content curation is an important lever to increase awareness and strengthen a brand's image of expertise.

Curation makes it easy to share content

It can be quickly implemented on three channels.

Content curation for social networks

The easiest way to do curation is by using social media. People will easily follow you on Twitter or Facebook if you build a reputation in your niche by sharing news about your industry.

The job for you is mainly to click the " share " button when you see an interesting article. But it's even more interesting to provide your perspective on the publication you are relaying.

Curating content on social networks allows you to keep your profiles alive, give your followers content they like and helps you build relationships with the authors of the content who will be grateful to share their work.

2 - Content curation for your blog

There are two ways to curate for your blog that will be appreciated by your readers.

  1. The first is to regularly create links to popular articles in your industry.
  2. The second is to write a summary of articles on your blog and then link to the original content.

The abstract can be a paragraph or two giving your unique perspective on a topic without forgetting to give full attribution of the cited article to the author. 

Call-to-action ebook visibilité Internet

Take for example the Daily Geek Show : they get dozens of shares for each post when what they are really doing is selecting videos that will elicit sympathetic reactions on Youtube.

They add to that a punchy title, a paragraph of introduction and a link to the author's video. Simple, but very effective!

The Daily Geek Show alternates curation and original content

3 - Curating content on a YouTube channel

If you have a Youtube channel, ut don't have videos of your own, you can always curate by creating playlists.

They consist of a collection of other videos that you've found useful and interesting.

If, for example, your company offers web design services, you can turn your channel into a database of all the topics surrounding SEO, domain name management or cybersecurity.

This will make your presence on this channel stronger while not contributing a single video yourself.

Bad practices to avoid in curation

When it comes to your blog, the best practice is to link to original content, with or without a summary from you.

The wrong attitude would be to publish the entire original content without citing its source. This is called plagiarism and you will suffer an SEO penalty from search engines for duplicated content. ;Google is usually able to identify the primary source of a content. Cheating is therefore almost impossible. Anyway the lack of original content will not help you in your ranking (natural search engine ranking) anyway.

Then comes the problem of the author discovering that you ve copied his content without his permission. After sending you a heartfelt email, he then has legal recourse to make you pay for your lack of ethics.

If you insist on publishing content in its entirety and without bothering to cite your sources, stick to press releases or content published under the Creative Commons, label, which exempts you from any attribution.


Have you started curating content based on our tips? Tell us in the comments!

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