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[Case Study] How a recruitment agency attracts talent through Inbound Recruiting

Aclipse is a small (14-person) Boston-based recruiting agency that connects recruiters with recent graduates looking for teaching jobs in Asia.

Thanks to Inbound Recruiting and Hubspot, it has been able to significantly increase its visibility to candidates.

This case study comes from HubspotWe verified the validity of the data collected ourselves by contacting the company Aclipse. 

Here are the results obtained

chiffres Inbound Recruiting

Situation Analysis

Before adopting the Inbound approach, Aclipse's strategy was to spend a lot of money running ads on job boards. The agency was able to get a lot of leads this way, but they were mostly of poor quality.

Aclipse therefore decided to use social networks  as well as Inbound Recruiting to generate more leads but also to harvest more interesting profiles.

The challenge: increase visitor engagement on the website and on social networks

Young graduates are constantly adapting to new technologies and they are not very receptive to traditional advertising campaigns.

This new equation forced Aclipse to implement a different approach in its talent acquisition strategy .

" We were spending a lot of money on direct mail campaigns. We had been running a lot of ads on job boards as well as paid ads on Google (Pay Per Click) " says Rebecca McNeil, director of marketing at Aclipse.

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Although important in the Marketing operation, these actions have proven to be increasingly ineffective in acquiring valuable talent.

" Our biggest problem," she continues, "was our relative absence from social networks, which are nonetheless an essential channel for our target of young graduates. At the same time, we were getting a lot of leads from job boards and online advertising, but they were often of low quality.

" We sensed that the use of social networks and Inbound Marketing were the tools we were missing to generate better candidate profiles. So we chose Hubspot to enhance our strategy."

The solution: Hubspot, Landing Pages (content offers) and Lead nurturing

Attracting talent that was not actively searching was the goal for the company.

In effect, students can visit the site because they are potentially interested in job opportunities in Asia without wanting to leave a resume for a specific position.

The leads generated on Aclipse's site were previously active candidates. Aclipse was failing to capture the curious and potential candidates who were visiting the site.


I needed these profiles to become leads so that I could provide them with tailored content until they were ready to send in their applications.

A Landing Page on the Aclipse website that has resulted in a 5-fold increase in applications

"Content offers and lead nurturing allow you to reach people who are interested in teaching English abroad even if they are not ready to take the step of applying. Without lead nurturing, many opportunities would be missed today. "

" People need a lot of information before they decide " (Rebecca McNeil) 

The solution offered by Hubspot was also used to eliminate unnecessary online advertising spend. With increased traffic and leads, buying online ad space was no longer justified, resulting in savings of $1500 to $2000 per month.

Thanks to Hubspot's high-performance analytics tools, Aclipse was able to easily measure efforts and observe which traffic channels were performing best.

The results: traffic increased and the number and quality of leads improved

Focusing on Inbound Recruiting through blog posts as well as an active presence on social networks, traffic and number of leads increased significantly.

Here are the numbers reported by the company after one year:

  • Saving $1500 to $2000 per month by eliminating online advertising
  • Increase fan engagementon social networks by 50%
  • Conversion rates on Landing pages of 33% (5 times higher than average)
  • Organic traffic up 100%


Today, the company spends 90% of its efforts in Inbound Marketing.

What if you followed their lead?


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