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[Infographic] Understanding Inbound Recruiting

It's hard to fully understand Inbound Recruiting - which is also known as Inbound recruiting or attraction recruiting - which remains a relatively new approach in France.

The primary goal of Inbound Recruiting is to attract talent to your  company by creating quality content and sharing it on social networks.

Your quality content will appeal to visitors who share your values, vision and goals and who will one day be likely to join you.

This approach is very similar to Inbound Marketing so it is the direct heir.

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Inbound Recruiting et IA générative

In a way, it's about treating your future candidates as leads and getting them into a conversion process.  

We have summarized this process in this infographic that outlines the 7 steps to implementing Inbound Recruiting in a company (click to enlarge):

 Inbound Recruiting Infographie

Let's decipher the seven steps in our infographic

1 - Define your recruitment goalstement

Inbound Recruiting is most effective when you have a recruitment strategy over the long term. List the jobs that are most in tension, those with the highest volume of recruitment and those with recurring recruitment.

2 - Work on your Candidate Personas

To be attractive to your candidates, you need to be relevant. To be relevant, you need to know in depth what they are looking for, their motivational levers, etc. This work is often done in workshops, with the expertise of an agency

3 - Develop value-added content

Inbound Recruiting is a so-called "candidate-centric" strategy as opposed to "brand-centric." So it's not about promoting your own employer-brand but rather about providing useful information to your candidates.

4 - Create effective call-to-actions

Your content will help attract potential candidates, call-to-actions will help you get to know them better. Clicking on these CTAs will highlight your unique employer brand proposition or Employer Value Proposition (EVP).

5 - Collect information about your candidates

By using contact forms to access more specific information about your company, you will have the opportunity to obtain contact data and begin a digital relationship with the prospective candidate.

6 - Feed your candidates with regular content

Email marketing tools called "marketing automation" allow you to create scenarios to keep a healthy relationship with your candidates based on their interactions with your career-site. When the time is right, you'll know when to submit your job offer so that you have a high return rate.

7 - Measure and optimize your results

Using the tools for measuring your performance indicators (traffic to your career site, conversion rates, etc.) you will know which content performs best, i.e., which content attracts the most attention from your target candidates.

With these 7 steps, you are able to initiate an Inbound Recruiting approach within your company.
To go further, download our practical guide or contact us directly!

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