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What is the influence of social networks on your SEO?

Social networks are a great way to spread of content. Yet a post retweeted hundreds of times or content shared thousands of times seems to do nothing to improve a site's SEO.

However, there is indeed a link between social networks and natural SEO. This link is tenuous but important enough to be considered in an Inbound Marketing strategy.

How do social networks influence your SEO?

 How do social networks influence SEO? 

The link between SEO and social media is tenuous, but worth considering and strategically optimizing.

By indexing tweets

The tweets are being indexed by Google. This doesn't improve SEO per se, but it does serve to increase the visibility of a brand.

Eventually, we can anticipate that these criteria will fit into Google's algorithm.

By the trick of inbound links

Social networks help increase the number of new visitors as well as maintain the level of recurring visitors.

If a visitor sees a social network icon on a site, they will be tempted to leave the site and go to the site's Facebook page.

If you publish relevant and interesting content through a Clear inbound marketing, you increase the trust environment on the part of the visitor.

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 By the delights of " rich media "


Integrating photo or video from one's social networks to one's site not only improves the ranking of a site but also the duration of visits.

All these criteria come into play for SEO.

By the innate power of content 

By offering interesting and visually appealing content (especially through infographics) you increase your chances of being represented and relayed by various blogs that are sure to link to your pages.

By the magic of keywords

Social networks are based on information, the instant and virality. They require methodical work around the choice ofkeywords.

If you want to invent a new keyword, spread it on social media.

Once it starts getting picked up, it will be possible to search for it in search engines that will link back to your site.

Example: The Super Agency is the first agency in France to offer Inbound Recruiting. If you search the hashtag #InboundRecruiting on Twitter, you'll likely come across our site. CQFD.

By playing the personalization game

If a web user does a search on Google while logged into their G+ account, they will be assigned a whole series of keywords based on their previous searches and to their mentioned interests. Bing and Yahoo!" also use this type of personalization.

This way of tailoring search through personalization helps to improve the relevance of the results to a web user.

Know how to find the right keywords

Whether it's an action on a social network or on your site, personalization always contributes to audience engagement.

 Social media and SEO : A win-win game!

There is no direct correlation between social media and SEO. Social networks only 'influence SEO indirectly.

But with a little patience and discipline, you'll see in the long run, the seo benefits of a well-built presence on social networks.  

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