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[Infographic] Recruitment Marketing: How good are you?

Talent today expects you to attract, entice, and retain them - just as you do with your most valuable customers.

By an astonishing parallelism, recruiting practices are gradually approaching marketing techniques.

In fact, employer branding, talent pool, candidate experience or lead candidate nurturing are all concepts that you can use to build a marketing strategy for recruitment.

So, if you're not in the "game" yet, what are you waiting for?

Recruitment Marketing Strategy: Job Boards, employer brand, candidate experience, analytics. How good are you?

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Level 1

You are at the first level of marketing for recruitment. You promote your job openings on job boards.

This can be effective, especially for one-time, low-skilled recruiting, but many more opportunities are available to you in future levels.

Level 2

You are making progress ! You are at the second level of marketing for recruitment. You power acareer-site with detailed job listings.

You rely on email marketingand proactive sourcing. (especially on LinkedIn) to connect with candidate prospects.

Level 3

Bravo ! You're at the third level of marketing strategy for recruitment. You know what you have to offer, you've defined your Employer Value Proposition (EVP for short) and that serves as the foundation for developing your employer brand.

You have built a talent pipeline and implemented a lead candidate nurturing campaign.

Finally, you focus on the candidate experience by collecting candidate testimonials and analyzing candidate reviews.

Level 4

Congratulations ! You are at the expert level of marketing for recruitment. You rely on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs for short) to analyze and refine your marketing for recruitment approach : conversion rates, traffic, click-through rates, etc.

You invest in a consistent and visible employer brand and build lasting relationships with a community of candidates.

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