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Why you should integrate m-recruitment into your Inbound Recruiting

 Mobile recruiting, or m-recruiting, is exploding - it's LinkedIn who says so!  All the more reason to intelligently integrate it into your Inbound Recruiting.

There are several reasons for this very strong growth in m-recruitment :

- It corresponds to the new uses of candidates, especially young people

- It brings really innovative capabilities like geolocation

- It reaches candidates who want to apply with their smartphone

M-recruiting allows us to reach more passive candidates.

Integrating m-recruitment into your Inbound Recruiting strategy means aligning with new candidate behavior. 

As of 2014, nearly 40% of French companies had adopted m-recruitment in some way.  

According to Jean-Christophe Anna, managing director of #rmstouch: "At the end of 2015, 19% of the applications recorded by Cadremploi were from a smartphone or a tablet. Even two years ago, companies didn't believe in it."

The revolution of mobile recruiting is well and truly underway.

According to jobaroundme, the ROI benefits of m-recruitment are numerous.

A study conducted by the site in 2014 with 2,000 companies found that:

- 69% of recruiters believe that m-recruitment offers greater ease in connecting the company and the candidate

- 67% think it allows more responsiveness from candidates

- 30% consider geolocation as a decisive feature

In 2017, mobile accounted for 54% of visits made to a career site according to the Monster Year Report.

Uses are evolving to the benefit of the mobile

Career sites are no exception to the mobile trend. An opportunity for m-recruitment!

Faced with this revolution in usage, both on the candidate and recruiter sides, it is essential to integrate mobility into a Inbound Recruiting approach. 

"Thanks to new technologies and the proper use of social networks, an HRD can now market its recruitment campaigns" (Laurent Brouat, director of Link Humans)

Inbound Recruiting et IA générative

This infographic by LinkedIn delivers 3 tips for making mobile a real recruiting tool.

1 - Deliver quality information at every step of the journey. This is the equivalent of Lead Nurturing practiced in Inbound Marketing

2 - Smartly plan the days and times you deliver your content. For example, did you know that weekends are the time of the week when passive candidates will check their mobile tools more?

3 - Simplify the recruiting process. You're probably going to have to resolve to abandon the use of the sacrosanct resume! 


Formation IA et Recrutement

3 - Simplify the recruiting process. You're probably going to have to resolve to abandon the use of the sacrosanct resume! 

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