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SaaS startup: 7 ways to create buzz with social networks

You re running a startup offering a SaaS ? Bravo!

Are you well established on social media and have the good idea to share cquality content on a recurring basis? Congratulations !

However, be aware that there are many companies doing the same thing... So how do you differentiate yourself?

How do you build an engaged fan community? The answer is (relatively) simple: your social media posts should offer irresistible offers.

Yes, but how?

It's not enough to share content anymore, you also need to make your fans/followers want to talk about you and let the whole Earth know that you exist! 

Make the Buzz all over the Earth!

 Buzz goal: To infinity and beyond!

Here are 7 types of improvements on social media that will help you grow your community: 

1 - The entertaining video

Creating video content is easier than it looks...but it's still an expert job. If you do go to the trouble of getting started, make sure your video stands out from the crowd. Make your video unique and quirky and you will be remembered!

An example 

The Marketing team at Hootsuite, the popular SaaS social media management tool, always finds a way to launch videos that make an impact and draw new leads. In particular, they generated a lot of traffic with their video inspired by the Games of Thrones theme song:" A Game of Social Thrones ". Admire the result!


Producing the video was certainly expensive for but the final product is so enjoyable to watch that it has been shared hundreds of thousands of times (2 million as of the day this article was published), boosting its marketing results significantly. 

2 - The weekly publication   

Producing a periodic publication makes your readers want to frequently return to your site for fresh news they find interesting. A series of articles on topics specific to your SaaS spread out on a weekly basis can ensure their loyalty. 

An example 

The Ucatchit communications agency is a good example of a regular publication produced at a low cost. Each week, Luc Jovart offers a short 45-second video to explain a term or offer a definition of a Web-related concept. 

Luc Jovart releases a 45-second video every week

Sleek, simple and effective!

Fractionate the information into chapters and determine the top idea to highlight on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Make sure your title is specific, so you're announcing exactly what's coming next.  

Visitors who click through to your page should be rewarded with interesting and useful content, rather than a trite commercial message. This is the most effective way to establish yourself as a trusted brand and to acquire a reputation as an expert in your field.  

3 - The visual that gets shared

A content with a visual gets 94% more visits than content without images

In the world of social media, original photos or infographics are a rare commodity and are therefore appreciated.

These publications aren't just for eye candy. A striking image or a talking infographic are assets because they can generate traffic and increase sharing to your site for months or even years. 

An example 

Here is an original infographic we created to explain the hero's journey in corporate storytelling 


You may still be hearing about it in 10 years, who knows?

Images should not just be attractive. They should also make you want to learn more and share a post. When done right, an infographic can yield dozens of shares. Some say it's just a fad. Regardless, design is used to communicate your content, along with video, writing and interactivity.

Use this tool to describe the benefits of your Saas features.

You don't have to be a design expert either. It's often said that the simpler the better...  so just make your content as meaningful as possible. If you have a good visual idea, you can use the SaaS Canva to help you in your creation process. 

4 - The Social Survey

This may be one of the best kept secrets among successful social media experts. Instead of constantly sharing their own content, they use social media to interact with their audience and spark new ideas (features, marketing campaigns, etc.) 

An example 

Justin Booke, founder of IMScalable uses social polling to test new ideas. Here, he asks his fans to choose between 3 options. 

An example of a poll by Facebook

Social polling: the choice of interaction to drive a community

And the more fans reacted to a publication, the more the next publications will be seen. Facebook thus rewards posts that have done well. Clever, right?

5 - The resource guide 

Making available a guide that identifies useful resources shows that you're there for your readers (and not just trying to lure them in to serve up a sales pitch). If you've already done the hard part by researching the best tools in your industry for your business, why not share your knowledge in your next article? 

An example 

Hubspot is a reference in making resources available.

The Hubspot Resource Library

 From the HubSpot Marketing Resource Library

In the same vein, clicking on this image will give you access to an essential resource to increase your lead generation!

Call-to-action ebook 24 astuces

Note that it is important to ensure your links are valid and working!

Take the time to note the tools or briefly mention their usefulness. Your hard work will pay off and you'll be recognized for your efforts with your fans, who will be discouraged from using unsuitable services or products thanks to your advice. 

If you don't know what to share yet, you can always ask your visitors what kind of information they are looking for (with a survey see part 5)

6 - The interactive quiz that gets shared

Interactive quizzes have become a gold mine on Facebook. They are interactive and you can comparison your results with your friends, which makes them " shareable "!

The reason for the massive success of these quizzes lies in the need we have to compare each other. Perhaps it is also a way to kill time, or to add humor to a dreary day?


No matter the topic or the cause, a quiz can get you more leads, while giving them a different perspective on themselves.

And everyone loves to be told about themselves!

Creating your own quiz has never been easier with services like Qzzr, Interact, or Quizworks.

7 - The Inspirational Quote

Study after study shows that people are more likely to share content with a positive or inspiring message. After all, we all want to share good news with our friends, right?

An example 

This quote from Steve Ballmer, then CEO of MicroSoft, reminds me every day that you shouldn't swear about anything!


No chance, indeed!

Your more philosophical posts need to be consistent with your brand image. You'll probably need to think of a few ideas before you jump in. 

Has your SaaS product helped one of your customers move from obscurity to the spotlight? Has your company succeeded where everyone thought it would lose? Does your company have an ultimate goal beyond just brand success?

Use these ideas to generate thought-provoking content. It will put your readers in a good mood and make them associate positive values with your brand


Use the ideas presented in this list to improve your publications. You'll attract so the eyes and imagination of your audience with tailored publications and you'll see the buzz act dramatically!

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