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[Infographic ] Content Marketing Trends in 2020

Content marketing is constantly changing as can be all totally digital methodologies or approaches.

The tools are changing, search engine optimization or SEO is changing with, among other things, the release of BERT by Google in late 2019.

What are the top content marketing trends in 2020?How will they impact the way you work?
Find out in this infographic called "Content Marketing Trends in 2020"!

Tendance Content Marketing

1. Content is becoming truly customer-centric

There is now a HUGE amount of content out there that seeks to grab the attention of your prospects. How do you stand out from the crowd?

In-depth analysis of your buyer persona and find out what they're really interested in in order to produce content they expect. They'll be grateful.

2. Content creation will be assigned to specialists

In most companies, content creation is assigned indiscriminately to the entire Marketing team, sometimes even to interns, while not all are trained in the specific requirements of content for the web (inverted pyramid, SEO, etc).

The time has come to outsource content creation to specialists (internal or external) capable of generating leads.

3. Content marketing will deliver a strong ROI

No more hastily produced copy that doesn't pay off. It's time to focus on the high-value content that actually produces increased sales.

4. AI will replace some content marketing agencies

That's right ! As AIs advance, they are able to synthesize phenomenal amounts of content to propose relevant copy for readers. Only the most creative agencies will ultimately survive !

5. The rise of Pillar Pages

Invented by HubSpot, of which The Super Agency is a historic partner, these often lengthy (10,000+ words) content pages are revolutionizing the way do SEO and backlinking.

6. The blossoming of voice search

More and more studies show a dramatic increase in this mode of search by voice, via Alexa, Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant. A new world already present in our devices!

7. The advent of interactive content

Interactive content is content that involves direct user participation, beyond just reading or viewing. The engagement rate of this type of content is therefore much higher !

8. Live video : become your own (multi)media

Live video, especially on YouTube or Facebook, is already a huge phenomenon whose importance will grow as the interaction experience is enhanced.

9. Content will be an integral part of UX

One of the most important developments in content marketing is undoubtedly that it will directly integrate the "user experience" or UX dimension to offer more relevance to the web user in their journey.

Content marketing will directly integrate the 'user experience' dimension.

Are your prospects looking for entertaining, inspiring, compelling or educational content?

10. Mobile, always at the heart of content marketing

More than ever, you will have to design (and not just adapt) your content according to the user experience on mobile. Don't forget that it already represents half of the traffic !

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