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4 free tools to identify your startup's prospects

Here are some valuable tools to help you better understand your Buyer Persona (your typical customers), without breaking the bank. Must-have services for a startup launching into digital marketing!

Many online solutions provide you with information about your customers to know what they want before they even know themselves.

Although appealing, these behavioral marketing options are not always right for your prerogatives and can be expensive. 

So let's look at the free data that already exists.

Comprenez vos Buyer Personas

Here, the goal is to find the right fit!

Google (Google Analytics, Adwords)

The information you can collect through Google is:

  • age
  • gender
  • interests
  • in-market segments (repeated visits by certain visitors indicate that they are about to make a purchase and require even more sustained tracking)
  • engagement (what visitors are looking at and how they navigate the site)
  • user flow (study of the most popular landing pages and the path taken from those landing pages
  • content consumption (pages/products viewed - time spent on pages, bounce rate, etc.)
  • conversion rate
  • the device used (desktop, mobile) as well as the operating system (Android, iOS)

By tracking all these indicators, you can actually " see " each visitor.

Example: A 22-year-old woman uses her iPhone as a tool to search for dog food.

She clicked on a Royal Canin ad on the Wanimo website. She entered the site via a search for dog food supplements. 

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The data on Facebook is not exactly free but it can be obtained by promoting one's page on the platform.

Unlike Google, Facebook does not give you information about visits to your site. On the other hand, Facebook does give you very useful data about the behaviors of your fans on your business page. 

For each user, you can get data on:

  • other pages liked by your fans
  • the events in their lives
  • their marital status
  • the school they went to
  • interests (history of page likes, shares and interactions)
  • Fine behaviors (online gaming enthusiast, Facebook online purchase history, small business manager, influencer status, etc.) 

Facebook can also produce data on leads you already have in your base.

If you synchronize your base with Facebook, the platform immediately returns a list of audiences similar to the one you already have, representing the closest 1% of profiles (audiences with the same ages, interests, behaviors, CSP, education level, marital status as your existing customers).  

If you didn't know at this point that your services were working very well with mothers in the Lyon area who drive Nissan Jukes and like to drink Aperol Spritz on Friday evenings, Facebook can bring this information to your attention and give you access to this specific niche!

Target your prospects with predictive analytics.

Facebook lets you discover the true face of your target!


Not as well-known as Google or Facebook, Quantcast can combine information provided by Google Anatytics with sociological and demographic information about your Buyer Persona.

This platform is predictive. It identifies and targets visitors who exhibit behavior that indicates they are ready to convert.

The data includes:

  • demographics age, gender, background
  • level of education
  • household income
  • number of children
  • behavior on different platforms (the tool identifies visitors who visit a site via their mobile or desktop)
  • shopping interests (automotive, electronics, fashion)
  • media interests (sports, series, news), occupation (field of work and position),
  • political affiliation and involvement.

User Report

You don't need to buy advertising space with User Report: this service is free. User Report allows you to integrate opinion surveys on your site to collect information about your visitors and their behavior. 

  • demographics (age, gender, background)
  • level of education
  • household income
  • level of satisfaction
  • site click map (reporting on where the visitor hovered their mouse and where they clicked on each page)
  • demographics (age, gender, background)
  • level of education
  • household income
  • level of satisfaction
  • site click map (reporting on where the visitor hovered their mouse and where they clicked on each page)

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There are vast amounts of data available to understand your Buyer Persona and if you don't mind paying for this cutting-edge information, the options are virtually unlimited. 

On the other hand, if you're still in the early stages of analytics and just starting to interpret data for your startup, it's best to take full advantage of what these high-performance tools have to offer. 

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