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7 statistics on Inbound Marketing deciphered for you

It is often said that Inbound Marketing is now the most effective way to convert visitors to a website into leads and then into a customer. Rather than asserting this, we prefer to back this up with figures that prove the effectiveness of this new approach to Marketing.

To this end, we have identified 7 significant statistics produced by different organizations that we propose to analyze in detail.


1 - " B2B companies that regularly populate a blog generate 67% more leads per month than those that do not. "

(Social Media B2B)

Why ?

The blog has many advantages, especially when it is animated in an Inbound Marketing perspective. It allows you to regularly broadcast interesting content for your visitors, and, thanks to a judicious use of calls-to-actions, attracts some of this traffic to conversion forms present on landing pages.

2 - " Social media and blogs account for 23% of total time spent online by Internet users "

 (Content Marketing Institute)

Why ?

Content consumption is no longer exclusively through media sites, which are sometimes considered too biased, but through these channels. The interest for a company is therefore to be able to provide relevant content where its customers are, i.e. blogs and social networks

23% of web traffic is directed to blogs and social networks


3 - " 78% of consumers find that companies that produce content for them are genuinely trying to build a good relationship ".

(TMG Custom Media)

Why ?

A very large majority of Internet users have developed a form of rejection towards the massive digital communication they have been subjected to during the last 10 years. It did not take into account their own needs. Thanks to Inbound Marketing, we are in an approach that is both more personalized and absolutely not interruptive, which serves to build trust. 

4 - " 79% of B2B marketers use quality content to make prospects and customers aware of their offering "

(HubSpot )

Why ?

A good content strategy aims precisely at analyzing the needs of buyer personas, starting with the initial phase known as the " consideration phase " or " awareness stage ". The rigorous application of the Inbound Marketing methodology thus naturally allows to obtain a high rate of awareness of the products and services offered on the website. 

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5 - " Websites with 51 and 100 pages generate 48% more traffic than sites with between  1 and 50 pages. Sites with 401 to 1000 pages generate 6 times more leads than sites with 51 to 100 pages "

(HubSpot )

Why ?

A site with a large number of pages is more likely to provide relevant information to its visitors. Mechanically, such a site will have more pages indexed by search engines and thus more opportunities to get significant traffic through natural referencing

The number of pages on a website mechanically increases the chances of conversion

6 - " 80% of Internet users are completely unaware of sponsored links like Adwords "

(Search Engine Land)

Why ?

Outbound strategies have reached the end of their business model. Sponsored links, like banners or pop-ups, represent the continuation of offline promotional methods, such as paid newspaper ads, retail inserts or flyers in mailboxes. Internet users are not fundamentally reluctant to receive commercial information, but they do demand that it be tailored to their needs. This is what Inbound Marketing does.

7 - " Acquiring a lead through Inbound Marketing costs 60% less than acquiring a lead through Outbound Marketing "

(Search Engine Journal)

Why ?

Outbound marketing is essentially spending money on a campaign that is defined in time. At the end of that campaign, nothing more remains online. Conversely, spending on content and Inbound Marketing are investments.  The efforts in terms of SEO, keyword strategy and CRO will continue to produce leads indefinitely.


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