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How to attract talent with a content strategy?

If you want to attract talent, you'll need to convince them that working for you is a blast and that the positions you offer are a perfect fit.

How do you achieve this? How do you attract talent with an effective content strategy?

It's obviously not about contenting yourself with a simple job description. You'll need to produce quality content and include its distribution in a well-understood Inbound Recruiting, i.e., Inbound Marketing applied to recruitment.

Inbound Recruiting et IA générative

How to identify content that interests talent

First, you need to consider what they want to know and where they typically go to get their information.

This important step is called creating Candidate Personas, the equivalent of Buyer Personas in Inbound Marketing.

The image below shows what a Candidate Persona might look like.

In this particular case, the company is looking for a quantitative analyst and has pieced together a plausible background and experience for this type of candidate.

An Example of Candidate Persona
The profile should be filled out as accurately as possible!

Now that you know who your content is for, you need to know what are the really important things to communicate about you.

To help you with this, we draw an analogy with the famous Maslow's pyramid of needs.

This one considers that the consumer moves to a higher order need when the next lower level need is satisfied.

The same is true for the Candidate Persona vis-a-vis your content.

Here are the 5 levels of needs you'll need to satisfy from a Inbound Recruiting perspective.

Content Needs Pyramid for Inbound Recruiting

Want to attract top talent? Take it to the next level!

1 - The Company

First, you need to explain what your company actually does, for example, what type of products or service it markets.

It may seem obvious to you, but there are a lot of websites that don't adequately explain their own offerings !

Then, provide your Candidate Persona with topical items about your company.

For example, indicate whether you recently signed a major contract with a client or whether your R&D department has made significant progress on a topic (as long as this information can obviously be made public! ). In short, tell your story!!

These elements will give your candidates a clear enough picture of your company to make them feel like a good fit.

2 - Location

The importance of job location is too often underestimated by recruiters.

Or valuable candidates are certainly looking for a position that matches their ambitions, but also one that doesn't require them to spend hours in transportation.

Give them as much information as possible about how to get there, what facilities the company offers, whether there is parking, etc.

Candidates will certainly appreciate this attention to one of their major concerns.

New Call-to-action

3 - The position

Of course, the job description is crucial when you want to recruit someone with talent. Thus, don't entrust its writing to someone too inexperienced!

This description will absolutely have to include a number of keywords, but also SEO elements such as internal links or meta-descriptions in order to be found via search engines.

In addition to the job description expected by the applicant, it will be relevant to add storytelling to your job description.

For example, ask other employees to share their experience, highlighting what makes them particularly happy in their job.

If possible, try to explain how the position fits into the natural evolution of the company. This helps to value it considerably. 

4 - Experience

A talented candidate will certainly consider the experience he or she will gain from the position and the impact it will have on their career.

Take the time to explain both the personal and professional perspectives of the position.

You can also show how well the existing team is already bonded and will welcome the newcomer nicely! 

5 - Self-actualization

The need for self-actualization constitutes, according to Maslow the pinnacle of human aspirations. It aims to get out of a purely material condition to reach a certain fulfillment.

In your candidate's case, you need to illustrate why choosing your company and this specific position can bring personal satisfaction.

It is important to return to the company's values such as solidarity, ecological commitment or the bet on innovation to make the world a better place ! 

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Now you know what type of content you can produce to attract candidates to your organization.

Do you think there are other things that can convince talent to join you ? Tell us in the comments !

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