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The eight mistakes of the digital recruiter

Digital (or digital) recruiting is evolving rapidly.

If you've begun the transformation of your talent acquisition process, you're likely to frequently try new tools and tactics.

Or, venturing into unfamiliar territory, you're sure to make mistakes. Rest assured: that's how you learn to be a good digital recruiter!

Now, not all mistakes are equally important. The ones mentioned in this article are related to a mindset rather than a method.

They can be detrimental to your recruitment, and by avoiding them, you should see a marked improvement in your results.

1 - Worry about visits rather than the candidate experience

On your career site, it may surprise you, you don't have a traffic problem.

When no one is responding to your offers, the solution is not to get more visits to your page. Visits can be acquired - through Inbound Recruiting, among other things - but it's essential to think about the messaging and job postings you're presenting to your candidates beforehand.

A visitor should be able to navigate your career site with pleasure, easily find the content they're interested in, and feel supported throughout their journey.

This is called the user-experience (UX for short) and it needs to be at the heart of your concerns.

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2 - Forgetting to talk about your candidates (and their problems)

What candidates are interested in is not your job offer, but how it can make their lives better. This can of course be about compensation, but not solely.

The key is to make sure that the job offer is a good one.

Therefore, avoid describing your job offers as products and instead talk about the transformations your position will bring to the future employee or even the organization as a whole.

For the candidate who will read you, the whole question is to convince him/her by allowing him/her to project him/herself in your company, to imagine a fulfilling professional life with you.

By matching the expectations of potential candidates with your EVP (Employer Value Proposition), your added value as a recruiter will become clear.

That's right, recruitment is marketing !


3 - Asking candidates too much, and too soon

Imagine that a handsome young man walks into a bar, approaches the first lonely young woman he meets, and immediately proposes marriage.

Even though she is already thinking of getting married, and even though the young man seems attractive at first glance, she is not yet ready to commit to a relationship with him, let alone consider marrying him.

What seems obvious to us when it comes to relationships between individuals, is strangely less so when it comes to recruitment !

Recruiters too often tend to offer a "marriage" prematurely (i.e., solicit a significant commitment in candidates).

Recruiting is a big commitmentNot sure your candidates will accept your proposal so easily!

Recruiting is first and foremost a human-to-human (H2H) relationship. As a result, what you present to your candidates should follow the same logic of progression as the normal, healthy relationships that develop between people.

Human relationships evolve through a certain process, and so do the relationships between companies and their candidates.

Ask yourself how you might structure your content in a way that moves the relationship forward.

4 - Always act in a hurry

The operational : " I need 15 full-stack developers ! "

The recruiter: " Gloups, for when ? "

The operational: " I needed them already yesterday ! "

If this scenario sounds familiar, rest assured, it is indeed the norm in most of our companies.

The recruiter's work is too often done without prior discussion, which prevents a true acquisition strategy from being built.

Or, acting in haste increases the risk of failed recruitments, which can be very costly to an organization.

One of the many benefits of taking an Inbound Recruiting approach is that you can take the recruiting logic into the long term, taking into account the mindsets of candidates as you interact with them.

If you've patiently built relationships with several dozen full-stack developers over the past few years, you'll know how to respond effectively to operational demand.

Recruiters, don't act in haste.

Acting too quickly can cause the recruiter to make significant mistakes

5 - Not implementing metrics

In digital marketing, we track almost everything, sometimes even to excess.

What's striking about the digital recruiters we meet is that very few of them have set up tracking indicators on their career site !

Yet it is very useful, if not essential, to know the traffic generated, which pages are most successful, click-through rates on call-to-actions, etc.

Social networks also offer " dashboards " (tracking charts) natively, which provide good information about candidates.

It would be a shame not to take advantage !

6 - Put all your content with others

Many platforms offer to host your content and put it in front of candidates. This offers some advantages and quite a few disadvantages.

The main advantage is that it saves you from having to build a quality recruiter space that offers a good candidate experience and is well-referenced.

But in return, you are in the same position as an apartment renter.

If you stop paying, you have nothing !

The principle of Inbound Recruiting is precisely to allow you to invest in your own space, by equipping it with everything it needs to generate traffic in the long term i.e. quality content, optimized for search engines and able to bring in talent that specifically wants to come work for you.

Inbound Recruiting et IA générative

7 - Not willing to invest in content

Today, good, reliable traffic to a career site must be earned (especially from the competition) and the best way to do that is to invest in quality content.

All too often, I hear recruiters tell me " ah, but we already have plenty of content. Look at this beautiful transcript of our president's greetings two years ago ! ".

I'm hardly exaggerating.

There are four conditions for your content to be truly effective in attracting candidates :

  • The quality : it is necessary to provide real added value to the reader
  • The frequency : to be effective, you need to publish at least two contents per week
  • Optimization : a text for the web is not written without a thorough knowledge of the rules of SEO
  • The strategy : content should never be created at random. It is part of a methodological approach to acquisition

Remember : the creation of content with the aim of improving recruitment is a profession !

8 - Worrying about quantity rather than quality of content

Certainly, the Internet doesn't need a new blog post, a new podcast, or a new YouTube video.

There has been a lot of talk about the amount of content being added to the web every day, and there are legitimate questions about its relevance.

That being said, there can never be too much great content online, and if you are able to provide it, it will be very beneficial.

Rather than publishing ten new blog posts over the next month, put the same amount of effort into writing two that are remarkable.

Or, more simply, use a specialized agency !


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