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[Infographic] Where to find the best developers?

For many companies, the ability to find talented developers is a strategic-level issue.

Problem : the forced digital transformation of the French economy is pitting employer brands against one another in unexpected ways.

For example, in terms of recruitment, a large French banking institution may "lose" to a small company created a few years ago.

Some call it disruption. The name doesn't really matter; the problem remains:

Where to find the best developers? 

A startup specializing in a "sexy" field like IoT or artificial intelligence won't have too much trouble in general, recruiting programming gems.

The attractiveness of these (young) companies is very strong, as they offer, especially to young talent, the opportunity - real or fictitious - to put their professional experience into a career perspective "future proof".

But some companies, and not the least, are having real difficulties finding resources trained on new techniques like Java 9 or mobile application development in Objective C or C#.

his reality is even more apparent for companies located outside the Paris basin, as shown by this study from the Digital Skills Observatory.

To help our clients solve this difficult equation, we help them implement a revolutionary approach to candidate outreach through Inbound Recruiting.

From this experience, we learned a number of lessons that we want to share with you in this infographic :

Where to find the best developers?


If you want to go further, check out our white paper specially dedicated to this topic!

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