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[Infographic] How to improve your email performance with passive candidates?

Do you send the right email to the right candidate? 

Identifying a candidate profile isn't the hardest part: being able to send them a personalized message that they'll want to respond to is much more challenging !

How can we improve this initial contact?

Here are 7 of the best practices on the subject summarized in an infographic !

email aux bons candidats2-01.jpg

1 - Travaillez votre accroche 

To achieve this, surprise, intrigue, be unpredictable, offbeat (and funny)!

2 - Understand the position you are offering

When trying to get the attention of passive candidates, it's essential to understand what their job is.

Ask an operational person what keywords to put in the email so the reader is convinced it's coming from a real professional.

3 - Evaluate your value proposition

To determine your Employee Value Proposition, survey your employees to understand what makes you different as an employer, for a specific position.

This work is often conducted during Candidate Persona workshops but can be conducted independently.

4 - Think storytelling

Think of the advertisements from your childhood: the ones you remember best all told a story.

Just as there is more to a product than a list of features, your job offer cannot simply be presented as a sum of benefits.

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5 - Focus on the future

To make passive candidates dream, talk about the future! No need to dwell too much on the company's history, highlight innovation, the quality of the project and the training you offer.

6 - Introduce visual elements

Now, we expect more from an email than just text, no matter how well written.

To support your point, rely on relevant images, or even better, on animated gifs, which are always appreciated.

Be careful to use them correctly, however, as these image formats have their own code!

7 - Embrace slow recruitment

Maybe it's time to take your foot off the gas a bit when you're talking to candidates. You may need them now (or even yesterday!) but nothing guarantees that they are in the same urgency.

Build a dialogue with them without rushing them in order to determine the right time to make a suitable offer.

Are you ready now to send the right email to your passive candidates?

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