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Our top 10 best job offers

Are you looking for fresh ideas on how to provide candidates with the best possible job offer to attract the best talent?

The Super Agency has compiled just for you examples of the best job offers that can be found all over the web.

Something to give you a little inspiration!

The most original job postings stand out to candidates

We know it's not easy to write a job posting that stands out.

You may have a clear and detailed job description, but how do you make it into a compelling job posting?

You know you should be thinking like a marketer, and you've spent hours learning about recruiting marketing and even mastered some SEO techniques.

Here are the 10 examples of the best job offers that you can use as examples to follow!

Inbound Recruiting et IA générative

Example #1: The classic offer executed well.

The job posting: Sales consultant for Papernest

It begins with a description of Papernest's values and goals with a little referential humor ("They have a dream").

The candidate knows right away what project they are getting into.

We also appreciate the fact that the recruitment process is detailed in the offer which allows us to be transparent with the candidates.

Finally, a big highlight of the ad is the presentation of the team the candidate will be working with if recruited. The whole visual and human universe presented on this page are consistent with the values put forward.

Present your teams!

Bet on your values and your people 

Good ideas:

  • Show what you offer (your EVP).
  • Describe the steps of your hiring process.
  • Present the teams the candidate will be working with.

Example #2: A job ad highlighting company benefits.

The job ad: Hotel Associat for Marriott

This Instagram job ad is short and simple but very effective. It begins by describing the ideal candidate - warm, outgoing, genuine, passionate and inspiring.

Then she casually mentions the job opportunity and focuses on the unique benefits and perks offered by the Marriott company.

The best part? This job posting visually shows the "in-kind" benefits offered by the company, and doesn't just tell candidates about them. Take a look: 👀

Marriott job posting
Show off your assets! 

Good ideas:

  • Post your job ad on social networks
  • Use an attractive photo
  • Display the benefits and perks your company offers
  • .

Example #3: The "Best Place to Work" Job Offer.

The job posting: All those offered by Hubspot

Hubspot announced on Instagram (again) that it has won the "Best place to work" label, which recognizes companies that focus on Quality of Work Life (QWL).

They included a call to action in that same post and invited interested candidates to apply for their open positions and become part of their incredible company culture for which they have defined a specific code.

Hubspot voted best place to work!
Soyez fier de vos succès ! 

Good ideas:

  • Don't be shy! Post any awards you've received like here with the "best place to work"
  • Even if you haven't received any awards, showcase your company's culture in your job posting. Tell your candidates why your company is a great place to work!"

Example #4: The humorous job offer.

The job posting: Salesman for Bagelstein

This job posting targets its ideal candidates perfectly. It uses both the professional approach and humor to get their attention and make them laugh.

Beyond the well-being it can bring when interpreted positively, humor is good because it is of the free gift variety.

But also because there is humor recognition: that of the intelligence of the other person who understands that you are being humorous, and that of their appreciation.

Dare to use humor in your job postings
Humor as a massive recruiting weapon

Good Ideas:

  • Don't be afraid to use humor in your job posting
  • Again, use social media to get your offers out there

New call-to-action

Example #5: job ad with an infographic.

The job ad: Talent Acquisition Manager for IBM (Offer since withdrawn, alas)

We loved how IBM turned its ordinary, boring text job ad into a stunning online infographic.

This visual job posting engages and informs its target audience at a glance, allowing candidates to quickly and easily assess whether they would be a good fit for a position.

An infographic as a job posting!
 Infographics are attention-grabbing and fun to read! 

The good idea:

  • Go for the visual: turn your boring text-based job ad into a clear and fun-to-read infographic.

Example #6: the video job ad.

The job posting: General Insurance Agent with AXA

This video job posting is simple and attractive. It includes the general presentation of the job, a description of the ideal candidate, and a typical day on the job.

All of this in a video of less than 2 minutes.

How to make it more effective?

An introductory video offers real immersion for the candidate

The right idea:

  • Turn your job description into a video! Show the candidate the content of your offer directly.

Example #7: the coded job offer.

The job posting: Logic Developer for Verizon

Decidedly, Instagram is successful!

We love this coded job ad on Verizon's Instagram. By posting a graphic to challenge their target audience in a fun and bold way, they engage candidates who feel challenged(a hallmark of this candidate persona).

What a great way to engage their target audience! See for yourself:

Job Offer Gamification
Only the most involved candidates will respond to the offer! 

The right idea:

  • Think of ways you can gamify your job posting. Can you make it a contest or game?


Google is decidedly playful... In a previous campaign, the giant decided to launch a recruitment for which the applications were necessarily qualitative! The idea?

If a user typed the search "python lambda function list comprehension" on Google, he or she would see his or her screen split in two to reveal a game proposal.

But what a game! Only knowledgeable developers could be able to get through the various stages of testing.

And that was precisely the goal! The few who managed to pass the 5 stages of the test within 48 hours (per stage), were redirected to a contact form, connecting them with Google recruiters.

And that was precisely the goal!


Google recruits smart
Think of original applications of your products to recruit! 

Example #8: the job ad with the team call

The job posting: Cook for Plantxa Restaurant

The Plantxa restaurant shared an interesting job posting on its Instagram. By putting the employees in a situation where they are working, it makes it easier for the candidate to project themselves.

Your employees, too, can get involved in the recruiting process

Good ideas:

  • Include a behind-the-scenes photo of your current employees in your job posting
  • Show your candidates their potential coworkers and give them a glimpse of your workplace!

Example #9: the job ad that relies on employee testimonials

The job ad: Finance and accounting position for Disney

This time, the social network used is Facebook.

We love that this job posting doesn't look like a job posting at all!

Disney regularly shares photos and quotes or videos of its employees talking about their role, its challenges and its wins.

Disney shares employee stories and simply adds a call to action in the form of an invitation to apply. (Hence the importance of CTAs)

So simple, yet so effective.

Disney really knows how to master its narrative!

Your employee testimonials are authentic
A testimonial from one of your employees creates a bond of trust with the candidate! 

Good ideas:

  • Be personal: use a photo and non "corporate"quote of your current employees in the context of your job posting
  • Let your current employees tell a story about your company and the position you're looking to fill! Your employees become your employer-brand ambassadors

New call-to-action

Example #10: The job offer is in the box!

The job offer: Many jobs for IKEA

This time, let's head to YouTube!"

We love how IKEA has associated its (celebrity) product with its job postings!

IKEA used their cardboard boxes used to package their furniture as a direct marketing channel to recruit staff.

They created a job ad titled "Assemble Your Future" in the same style as its typical Flatpack assembly instructions and inserted them into their furniture boxes.

Isn't that great, admit it?

Ikea had a great idea for recruitment! 

Good ideas:

What to keep in mind when writing a good job posting

Before you get to work, here are the most important best practice tips to keep in mind if you want to create a job posting that will stand out:

  • Go for the visual: use photos and videos in your job postings
  • Be personal: share testimonials from your current employees
  • Be candidate-centric: focus on your candidates, not your business needs
  • Sell the job: highlight the value proposition  that the company offers to your employees
  • Use your specifics and strengths (EVP) to highlight your ads. Be creative: think outside the box!

Now you're ready to design original and attractive job ads.

If you'd like help working on your content to promote your employer brand, contact us directly!


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