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Inbound Marketing: storytelling is better than clickbait!

Awakening your prospects' curiosity is a fundamental action in Inbound Marketing ...but not at any cost.

To avoid lasting damage to your credibility, avoid using too many big strings in your article titles and instead appeal to your readers' intelligence by building a good storytelling.

"Curiosity is the fruit of early knowledge"  (Charles Pinot Duclos)

Curiosity is a great marketer quality

Curiosity is an important quality when working on customer acquisition issues and more specifically on Inbound Marketing.

It is present in two ways:

  1. The curiosity of the Internet user for the actions of Marketing
  2. Marketing's curiosity for the actions of the Internet user.

Curiosity arises when there is a gap between what a person knows and what he or she wants to know. When that person becomes aware of that gap, he or she feels a certain lack.

For a long time marketers have known how to harness this powerful psychological phenomenon by offering only a tiny fraction of the information to attract the shopper.

Today, this process is used in an almost grotesque way by "Clickbait" experts, who rely on racy or misleading headlines to generate advertising revenue. Here's an example:

Some examples of ClickbaitsLet's be clear: it's best to avoid this kind of process in your content strategy if you want to keep some credibility. Besides, the quality of traffic to your website is far more important than the quantity.

However, it is highly advisable to know what healthily arouses your prospects' curiosity. To do this, the first step is to work on your Buyer Personas.

For example, this call-to-action, its image, its text, were thought to answer a problem that many visitors of our blog ask themselves:

"How to generate more leads?".

This is about answering a real question, not generating clicks at any cost.

Call-to-action ebook 24 astuces


Knowing what your audience is really interested in, appealing to their intellectual curiosity, will significantly increase your traffic and conversion rate. 

Know how to spark curiosity in your customers


The 3 channels of arousing curiosity

To attract the healthy curiosity of your prospects, there are three aspects to work on: 

  1. The blog, varying the topics to find what is most interesting to your audience.
  2. The page "About", page, which gets a lot more views than you might think. It's a good place to talk about yourself, to give elements of storytelling
  3. Postings on social networks. By definition, they are the place to express curiosity about others. It is through them that you can multiply the attention of your customers.

Generating curiosity leads to questions and comments from your potential customers.

If you can channel that singularity so that they say to themselves, "I need to contact this company to find out more," then you've won!" 

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