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Talent shortage: time for new solutions

In its annual study (see infographic below),published in mid-October 2016, ManpowerGroup emphasizes the difficulty in recruiting faced by companies in France and around the world. The primary reason cited is the lack of available candidates.

What analysis can we make of these numbers and what solutions can we bring ?

By industry

Internationally, the notorious talent war has reached an unprecedented level : 40% of recruiters report having difficulty recruiting. This figure even rises to 86% in Japan !

In France, it is 23%, down from last year. It nevertheless reflects a worrying situation for many employers.

L'Inbound Recruiting est une solution efficace

The hardest-to-fill positions nationwide are, in order, manual trades, sales and drivers.

It is noticeable that IT personnel only come in 7th place in France while they are second worldwide. Does this mean that French companies are performing well in their recruitment of these profiles ?

More likely, this figure shows the delay taken by French companies in their digital transformation

New Call-to-action

The solutions found in the short term

To address this talent shortage, we see that employers are more likely (35%) to train and develop their employees' skills. This makes total sense  before worrying about a potential recruitment problem, a company has first of all an interest in knowing how to keep its own employees.

The next two figures are eye-opening  30% of recruiters say they are looking to recruit outside of traditional talent pools and 26% are exploring alternative recruitment strategies. 

A sustainable solution

What is Inbound Recruiting, If not the possibility to create your own talent pool through an alternative approach  ?

A new method in France, Inbound Recruiting allows to improve precisely the sourcing and recruitment of passive candidates. It is based on the production of optimized business content, on traffic conversion and candidate nurturing to help obtain qualified candidate leads for the sourceers.

 Is this the only answer to the talent shortage problem ? Certainly not. But working toward quality content is certainly a step in the right direction.

Here is the presentation of the results for France. For the full study, visit the Manpowergroup website.


The Talent Shortage in France

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