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Candidate experience: why you are missing out on the best candidates

Despite your repeated efforts, you still feel like the best candidates prefer to go to your competitors?

Perhaps give them a bad candidate experience!

"I was asked if I had multiple girlfriends, it was for a sales position. And the recruiter told me that a good salesperson is bound to have several girlfriends..."

"Bring me proof that you can't have a child. I don't want a woman who gets pregnant after three months."

"I warn you, we are a very small box not very rich, you won't have to be too demanding about salary!"

These sentences, taken from testimonials collected by the employment blog, illustrate how a candidate can emerge from a job interview with a terrible image of a company.

A candidate experience neglected by companies?

Without going to such extremes, it is possible to completely disgust a candidate with a bad candidate-experience. The consequences on the employer brand can be disastrous.

This infographic shows the extent to which a good portion of applicants reject the traditional hiring system:

Inbound Recruiting helps improve the candidate experience

To complement these figures, let's cite the study by Textkernel, conducted in 2015, which shows that 92% of companies do not collect feedback from candidates  !

While it is easy to lose the trust of candidates, fortunately it is not so difficult to regain it.

To do this, all you need to do is implement a real content strategy, not only to inform them upstream of the recruitment process (Inbound Recruiting) but also during and after the interview, during a phase called Candidate Nurturing

Simple tools (blogs, social networks, emailing, landing pages) exist for this.

Your career site can be your best ally in improving your candidate experience.

Will you use it? 

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