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[Infographic] Why integrate Snapchat into your digital strategy?

Snapchat is the social network of 2016

 But where will Snapchat end?

Some time ago, while visiting our partner's Twitter account Hubspot, I was amazed to see that they had f merged their own logo with Snapchat's

Le compte Twitter de Hubspot mentionne clairement Snapchat

A more than effective way to grow your community on Snapchat!

What could be the relationship between a "social network for teens" and an integrated Inbound Marketing?

The answer, however, is obvious to those who follow content marketing news: Snapchat is THE social network that's going to rule in 2017 (especially for companies targeting the youth market)!

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As a result, it becomes a central issue for implementing an Inbound Marketing. CQFD.

For these reasons, it is crucial to consider integrating Snapchat into your digital strategy in 2017.

Note that this social network can also be a very good way to touch young passive candidates from a Inbound Recruiting

To help you see this more clearly, the Surepayroll has created a very comprehensive infographic entitled "Why your business should be on Snapchat" . Informative!

Why your business should be on Snapchat

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