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The 7 deadly sins of Inbound Marketing

The Inbound Marketing strategy is not always well understood or well integrated into the structure of an organization, This generates a fairly low effectiveness and a visibility online.

Is your company guilty of any of these sins ? 

What sins have you committed in implementing your Inbound Marketing strategy?

1 - Do not do keyword research

Many go into content creation based on instincts and hunches. 

They don't do the background work up front to uncover the key wordshidden around a topic. 

This trial and error, accompanied by some haphazard brainstorming, will at best result in formulas that you will want to be catchy.

But if your choice of content is not inspired by data gathered through careful study, it will not achieve its maximum performance.

Keyword research can predict what your audience is looking for, without them telling you, and perhaps without them even knowing it themselves !  

The marketer must thus play the role of matchmaker between the content and the people seeking it. By studying their intent and needs, it is easier to create content that will turn visitors into leads.


2 - Not identifying your target audience (your Buyer Persona)

Before embarking on content creation, you need to upstream identify the target you're addressing.

For whom do you write ? What are their issues and needs ? Defining a specific target audience allows you to produce content that reaches the right people.

Inversely, if your topic is too generalized, you won't convert the profiles that interest you. So take the time to paint a picture of your ideal reader.

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3 - Lacking originality

Simply rehashing content seen elsewhere won't help your referencing in the long run and prevents you from standing out from existing offerings.

Take the time to find the right tone and fresh angle that will hit the nail on the head and really bring originality to what you do.

Only by asserting your originality will you stand out.

Getting caught with Duplicate Content can cost you!

4 - Not maintaining the relationship with your leads

When a visitor takes the step of leaving their contact information because they like the content you offer enough to want more, the mistake would be to not maintain that relationship, or worse : to only contact your lead to make commercial offers.

The Inbound Marketing approach is based on a relationship of trust that is established over the long term.

You provide your leads with relevant, quality content on a regular basis to facilitate an eventual act of purchase.

5- Don't analyze your performance 

With Google's AdWords, you can observe how the keywords in your campaigns are converting your visitors into leads.

Organizing your content around the keywords that convert best can make your site perform better.

By being guided by a list of priority keywords, your writing team will be able to express their full creativity, backing up the content with tangible data.  

Before it's too late, correct your mistakes!

6- Rest on your laurels

You've worked hard to build a consistent and provided content strategy, contacts are pouring in and they are interested in your services.

You focus on nurturing these new relationships and discussing potential collaborations.

Conclusion : you are completely neglecting your blog, your social media activity and your production of new content offerings !

Be vigilant and keep a minimum amount of time per week to developing new content.

A sudden stop would cause you to lose authority on search engines and credit with your future customers.

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7 - Failing to interpret when your lead is mature

There are some surefire signs that a lead is ready to discuss your offer. Know how to interpret the data collected and qualify the lead.

This is an opportunity to seize fairly quickly, while the lead has shown strong interest.

Do not hesitate in these cases to make contact by calling them directly.

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